Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 9

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 9: Raza, You’re Go for Launch

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Dark Matter season 3 production is beginning to wind down, but news about it is speeding up. The biggest news is probably the announcement by Syfy of a premiere date. Buckle in, because Friday, June 9 we’re going to get a double-dose of Dark Matter. That’s right, season 3 is taking off with two back-to-back episodes beginning at 8/7c. If you’re so inclined, we’ll be live tweeting along with other fans and probably some of the cast. Joe and the crew (both production and Raza) can frequently be found on Twitter during broadcast.

In other news this week … (I’ve always wanted to say that. Or maybe, “This just in”, or something important-sounding along those lines.)


Today was a beautiful day to take a stroll with Suji and Lulu. Suji was even recognized at the local dog park by fellow pug owners. Although it’s just as likely she might be known from her increasingly popular Instagram account – NewOldPugSuji. If you’re a fan of Stargate Universe (and who isn’t?) today’s post ends with a throwback picture of a few cast members.


Season 3 is nearing the end of production. Joe has expressed his happiness at being able to get a break here and there. I think he’s more than earned it. One thing we really appreciate is that even though he’s busier than 10 average people, he always finds time to blog daily and to interact with fans. Today brings with it a lot of fun pictures from both sides of the camera. And there’s peanut butter. You’re going to need to click on the link to see this little video. I don’t know which one is enjoying themselves more.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 9

“Hello darkness my old friend …”


Today’s entry leads with a mystery picture that doubles as a tease. Go check it out and see if you can decide exactly what’s happening. While you’re there you’ll also discover whiskey and thrones and a new ship. Then, because he likes to make us hungry, Joe shares a video of a dessert that’s probably illegal in most parts of the world. It looks that damned good.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 9

Cool ride. How many light years per gallon does it get?


It’s always fun seeing what shows up on the Raza mess triptych. Today is no different. But there’s so much more to see. There’s snaps of people working hard behind the scenes, a shipyard under construction, and beetle shells. Yes, you read that right. The post concludes with a promise of another episode title vote tomorrow. This time it’s episode 310 which leaves only 3 episodes to vote on after that. So be sure to visit daily.


In case you didn’t know, Dark Matter is a huge hit internationally. Today, Joe took time to give well deserved thanks to the people at NBC Universal International/Syfy International. These guys really show their support and deserve thanks for their hard work. But today is also your day to VOTE for episode 310’s title.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 9

Looks like Three’s drinking his troubles away.


The election is over and it was a very civil campaign. How refreshing! Episode 310 now has a title, you can discover the winner at the link. Friday earned a double win with the announcement of the season 3 premiere date. Get your eyeballs ready, Dark Matter season 3 premieres Friday, June 9 with a double episode! If you’re on Twitter, join us for live tweeting with the cast.


The weekend’s here and it’s time to take the pace down a notch. For Saturday’s entry, Joe offers up “My Favorite 5 Recent Reads”. While reading the synopses of all 5 books, I didn’t find a single one that sounded uninteresting. Click on over and see if you agree.

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