What's Going on in This Exclusive Dark Matter S3 Photo

What’s Going on in This Exclusive Dark Matter S3 Photo?

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While production may be done on Dark Matter’s third season, there’s still much to do. Lots of editing, VFX work, ADR for correcting dialogue issues, and stuff I don’t even know about. All of it is essential to giving us a finished show that’s exciting and looks amazing.

But this is the part where we patient(?) fans begin to shuffle in our seats a little. Our logical side understands there’s still work to do, while our emotional side screams for more Dark Matter. This is nothing surprising and, much like Daylight Saving Time, it’s something we just have to get used to.

To help pass at least a little of that time, we bring you an exclusive screen-grab from one of season three’s episodes. I’m going to be honest with you – I have no more idea what’s going on in the picture below than you do. I don’t have any description or context for it. This is literally a case of what you see is what you get.

Now, play along with me and let’s try to guess what’s happening. Then, when this scene airs we can all see just how wrong we were. Joe is really good at fooling everybody, especially me, to the point that I’m not even sure this is from a Dark Matter episode.

Click on the image for a larger version. You’ll want to see as much detail as possible.

What's Going on in This Exclusive Dark Matter S3 Photo

Something’s happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.

This shot is clearly from the bridge of the Raza and Six is the only character in the frame. Judging by the text at the lower-left it’s a scene from episode 307, Wish I Could Believe You. Too bad the title isn’t any help in figuring out what’s going on.

When I initially saw this image, my first thought was fire or an explosion. Upon first look, the big, yellowish-white band of energy emanating from above the windows on the Raza bridge looks a bit like fire. A closer look makes me question that since it’s not behaving like you’d expect fire to behave.

Okay, so could it be an explosion? It definitely has the characteristics of some kind of pyrotechnic display. Bright flashes of fiery light accompanied by sparkling bursts of energy would definitely fit the explosion category. But something’s off. If this were a traditional explosion, you’d expect Six to be affected by the blast, but he’s standing there, unperturbed. Okay, relatively unperturbed. He doesn’t look happy. In fact, he looks a little concerned. If I were in the middle of whatever the heck that is, I’d probably look a tad worried, too.

So, after giving it some thought, I’m pretty sure this isn’t fire or a traditional explosion. It is definitely some form of energy, though. Maybe the Raza encounters an energy field that penetrates the hull with ease. Or maybe this is some kind of energy creature. I know we’ve only been witness to one form of alien-looking life, but this could be another step in opening up the Dark Matter universe.

OR … remember the white hole technology machine? Yeah, the one that blew up a friggin’ planet? It was giving off similar energy pulses moments before everything went boom. You just know we’re going to revisit that tech, so perhaps this is something from that storyline. I hope Six doesn’t go boom. I like Six in an un-boomed condition, thank you.

Your guess is as good as, and probably better than, mine. Please chime in in the comments section with your ideas. I also welcome criticisms, dirty limericks, old family recipes, rambling manifestos, and such. Basically, I’m lonely … talk to me! What’s up with Six here? What time is dinner? How YOU doin’?

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