New Doctor Who Trailer Picks up the Pace

New Doctor Who Trailer Picks up the Pace

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No, the picture you see above isn’t of some kind of creepy, steampunk Devo cover band. Not even close. It’s the original Mondas Cybermen back to show us just how creepy that original low-budget design really was, and is. Doctor Who has always been (mostly) good at making the most of a tightly stretched budget. Granted, the budget is a whole lot bigger in the revived run of the show, but sometimes the imagination brought about by limitations such as money bring about the best results.

Anyway, BBC America just released two new season/series 10 trailer. One’s called “Robots. Rivals. Regeneration?” With a title like this, they’re again hinting at the end of Peter Capaldi’s run as one of my favorite incarnations of the Doctor. Like the promos before it, it’s filled with rapid-fire images from various episodes. The other is simply called “Trailer #2” which is explanatory enough for me. There’s not a lot new to see, but it’s always fun watching any Doctor Who trailer. Besides, it keeps us out of trouble until the premiere on Saturday, April 15 on BBC America.

Keep your eyes open for the last part of the second clip. I see some regeneration energy coming off the Doctor. I don’t want him to go!

Clip Synopsis:

This is the gateway to everything that ever was or ever can be. This is Doctor Who Season 10.
Get ready to have the time of your life with the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole Saturday, April 15th at 9/8c on BBC America followed by the premiere of the new spin-off, Class.

Trailer #2 Synopsis:

“This is the gateway to everything that ever was, or can be…” Join the Doctor, Bill and Nardole on the 15th April for a brand new series of Doctor Who. #TimeForHeroes

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Doctor Who returns Saturday, April 15 at9/8c on BBC America

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