Dark Matter Digest S3 May 14: One With Everything

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 14: One With Everything

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By: Tom Gardiner May 14, 2017

I called this post Dark Matter Digest S3 May 14: One With Everything because this week covers a variety of topics. Naturally, there were updates on season 3 and the ubiquitous food pictures placed there to personally torture me. Don’t try to convince me otherwise, I’m certain that’s what’s going on. But there were also reading recommendations, a trip down memory lane, family, friends, pets (which, let’s be honest, fall under the friends and family tent), and more. You’ll have to get clicky with the links to see it all.


You probably already know that production on Dark Matter keeps Joe very, very busy. If you don’t already know, he’s beyond busy. I’m convinced he’s a Time Lord or something because he gets more done in a day than seems possible. Even now with production finished, his schedule is fairly insane. Proof at the link. Oh yeah, there’s a quick BTS video for you as your reward for visiting!


Hot damn! Today is just L.O.A.D.E.D. with, as Joe put it, “sneakiest peeks”. There’s a post full of pictures of things to come. It’s kind of like you’re a Dark Matter psychic, glimpsing fleeting visions of the future. Only these visions aren’t fleeting because you can click on the link as many times as you like. View them over and over. Bask in the glow of that Dark Matter goodness!

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 14: One With Everything

Just one of many images at the link.


Let’s call today Throwback Tuesday because Joe reminisces about his first live-action production, Student Bodies. He met up with some of his colleagues from the show, which is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. If you’re a fan and want to see an anniversary reunion, Joe’s shared a link where your voice can be heard.


If you’ve been keeping up, Joe has already given his recommendations on favorite reads in other forms. Today, he offers his favorite genre novels of 2016. Click on over to see his top 11 (yes, 11) picks for long-form reads.

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 14: One With Everything

Recommended reads at the link.


Today, Joe’s recommendations move into the fantastical world of comic books. I have to admit it’s been ages since I’ve picked up a comic book, but his picks sound so good I may make a run to the shop. The very last one sounds the most offbeat and interesting simply from the story synopsis.


Friday’s entry was a smorgasbord of topics. Am I a bad person for being happy it gave me an excuse to use the word smorgasbord? So sue me.

Anyway, topics ranged from pets, to family and friends, to a show you may have heard of. And, big surprise, food was front-and-center. I swear Joe’s posting more food pix just because I’m on a diet.

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 14: One With Everything

Three and whisky? A dangerous combination.


If there were truly such a thing as a blink drive, Joe would definitely be making use of it right now. It’s time for the move back to Toronto and I don’t know anyone who really loves flying. An overpriced game of hurry-up-and-wait, air travel may be safe and speedy-ish, but it’s rarely pleasant. Here’s hoping he and his family have an on-schedule and uneventful move.

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