Dark Matter Digest S3 May 21: Travel Trailers

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 21: Travel Trailers

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We’re almost there, kids. Joe’s settled in back home in Vancouver and he’s going to be bringing us some fun contests very soon. Also, this week marked the appearance of not one, but two season 3 trailers. Sure, the first one is a very short teaser, but it’s dense with imagery. And at this point aren’t you just happy the promotional train has left the station? I know I am. Read on and see what happened this week.


Joe and Co. made it back to Vancouver safely with nothing unexpected marring the journey. That’s about as good as it can get when flying, doubly so with dogs and/or small humans. But ever the workaholic, he’s already planning out the season 4 writer’s room. Also, we should be seeing a trailer within a week or so.


There’s nothing better than being able to sleep in your own bed, usually.  Joe’s shared some complaints about the quality of his sleep, but it’s probably because he’s got so much on his mind. He’s already prepping for season 4 while still putting polish on season 3! Ever the generous fellow, today we were given a chance to ask questions about the music used in the show. Composer Ben Pinkerton is ready to take your questions about the tunes that tune-up the action! So go get nosey in the comments section.

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 21: Travel Trailers

What a strange place to park


Holy moley! Today was packed with new pictures of the crew. Everyone was decked out for their character promotional stills. And while the pictures were a treat, tucked between them were the real goodies. That’s where Joe snuck in some juicy teasers, hints, and what some might call mild spoilers. Y’all gonna have to excuse me, I’m drooling over all this gossip.

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 21: Travel Trailers

They’ve definitely got the right stuff


Well, Joe didn’t waste any time showing us pictures of great food in Vancouver. He’s been making stops at his favorite locations and visiting friends. There really is no place like home. You should click on the link if for nothing other than a picture of Suji’s face as she’s about to be fed ice cream. Don’t worry, it’s a special peanut butter flavored doggie gelato made just for furry family. No, not hairy uncle Nate.


Do you like winning free stuff? Do you like it even more when it’s Dark Matter stuff? Well then, today’s entry is for you! Joe announced another “match the dog picture with the episode title” contest like last year, which was much harder than it sounded. The 2nd contest will likely be next weekend. Joe will ask 5 show-related questions on Twitter at a predetermined time that has yet to be determined. Go to the link to get the details and follow Joe on Twitter (@BaronDestructo) so you can compete!

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 21: Travel Trailers

Downright diabolical


Woo hoo! Just the news everyone has been waiting to hear – A season 3 teaser is out! Put together by Syfy International, this 10-second clip has a lot in it. Click on the link to watch and to read Joe’s breakdown with screen caps. There’s also a fight over an apple slice. Yes, you read that correctly.


Today was a fantastic day for some Dark Matter fans; a full trailer was released. Unfortunately, it’s geolocked to only US viewers and the video uses Flash, which many browsers don’t support any more. UPDATE: We’ve got it for you in this post – The First Full Dark Matter Season 3 Trailer Is Here. Joe has promised to share a wide-open, fully functioning copy soon. Until then, click over to try and watch the video. At the very least, you can see lots of screen caps from it in today’s entry.

I’ve got the teaser, too. You can catch it here: Finally! A Dark Matter Season 3 Teaser

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