Dark Matter Digest S3 May 7

Dark Matter Digest S3, May 7: Pleasant Productions, Pugs, and Pains

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This week focused on a few things not directly Dark Matter related. That’s not to say if you click the links you won’t find some cool treats from the show, though. You will, but there’s a lot of other fun in store this week. I mean, it was Star Wars Day and Suji is a big fan, so you know something’s up.


Joseph Mallozzi is a very generous man. He always finds time to say something positive about the people and places around him. That’s not to say he never complains, just that he’d rather see the silver lining than the cloud. Today, he highlighted four local (Toronto area) productions that are rumored to have fantastic working environments. As fans, it’s always gratifying to know your beloved shows are happy places to work. I’m fairly certain you’re familiar with most, if not all, of these.

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 7

Apparently, the Orphan Black set is such a nice place to work Tatiana Maslany got several jobs there at once.


Today marked the 12th birthday of the most photogenic pug on the planet – Suji! Click on the link and you’ll be treated to a host of pictures of this beautiful girl in various outfits and poses. If you like what you see, follow her Instagram account, NewOldPugSuji and join over 6000 (and counting) other fans!


With production wrapped, Joe is preparing for the move back to Vancouver. In Tuesday’s post he shares some of his favorite Toronto eateries and dishes – places he’ll miss once he moves. This is one of those posts that you can’t read without getting hungry. All those pictures of all that delicious food will have you salivating like Pavlov’s dogs. I hope your keyboard is waterproof.

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 7

Oh yea, I could eat! (Image courtesy Joe Mallozzi)


It seems like a time of great uncertainty in Joe’s life, at least for today. While feeling good about getting renewed for a fourth season, there’s no guarantees. So do your part to help Joe secure a certain future by watching Dark Matter. Just as important is bringing new viewers onboard to keep the ratings climbing. So tell your friends, bribe them with green protein bars, or blackmail them like Three probably would.


It’s Star Wars Day and fast-rising Instagram star Suji was appropriately decked out. She was sporting a pair of Leia buns whilst reclining in a luxurious bubble bath. In a wholesome, family-friendly composition, of course. After all, she’s a lady, not a tramp. And if you click the link you’ll get to see a screen-grab from season 3.

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 7

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only soap! (Image courtesy Joe Mallozzi)


It’s good to see I’m not the only curmudgeon around these parts. Joe is generally a very positive guy, but today he offered up a list of popular things he really doesn’t care for. The list is varied, covering topics from TV to music to desserts. I was especially shocked to learn there are desserts Joe actually does not like. If you have him over for dinner, just make one of these to automatically guarantee yourself an extra helping!


To quote a certain fictional physician, “Oh, the pain!” It appears Mr. Mallozzi is afflicted with those unexpected, unwelcome aches many of us begin to experience once we’re … experienced. If you’ve been around long enough, you’re all too familiar with said discomforts. If you haven’t been around all that long, just wait.

Dark Matter Digest S3 May 7

“We’re out of protein bars? You pusillanimous pipsqueak!”

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