Gotham Episode 17 Review: The Queen vs The Court

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Riddle me this:

Gotham has become an even stranger place now that The Riddler has figured himself out.  Apparently he’s been doing some side work robbing some banks, which would be hilarious to see.   The Queen of Gotham calls upon Nygma to answer the biggest riddle, who runs Gotham?  Barbara is worried that she isn’t calling the shots like she wants and she’s definitely right.  What she doesn’t realize is who exactly she’s trying to go up against.  The Court does a good job of letting Gotham do what Gotham will, but there are times they have to step in.  To determine who the ruler of Gotham is, The Riddler creates an elaborate show hoping to draw them out.  He succeeds, but only for himself and leaves Barbara in the dust!

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Barbara is furious of course, but not as angry as Tabitha.  Tabitha has backed Barbara this whole time,but I think she just realized that Barbara is only interested in herself.  After being promised she could kill Nygma for what he did to her and Butch, every moment he’s still alive drives Tabitha crazy.  Barbara told her that after he discovered who the Court was she could do whatever she felt like to him.  Unfortunately, Nygma got the good end of the deal and was taken away by the Court to become a part of it.

Prove Yourself

Gordon becomes involved with The Riddler’s game, mainly because he knows Nygma and the Court.  Last episode we left Gordon meeting Katherine for the first time.  Their meeting went well, but Gordon now has to prove himself to the Court.  How he’s going to do that is still a mystery.  He did prevent Nygma from exposing the Court on live TV, but I don’t think that will settle their trust completely.  The end of the episode we see Gordon with the Court, putting on one of the masks and joining the ranks.  Something tells me Gordon joining the Court of Owls is going to cause a lot of problems.

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The Freak Show is coming together nicely.  Penguin and Ivy have traveled to the coldest region to get back Mr. Freeze and to the hottest hell to get Firefly.  The plan is to build an army that can take on Nygma, Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch.  Their plans seem to be possible, or at least they did until The Court took Nygma away.  It seems as though Penguin and Ivy won’t be able to take on Barbara anytime soon, but if Penguin plays his cards right he can convince Tabitha to get behind him.

Anti-Bruce is back wreaking havoc.  He may not be around for much longer, though.  He goes to the Courts’ doctor per Katherine and is told he is dying.  This won’t happen until Bruce has returned from his training, so it seems as though Alfred will not ever know the difference.   Anti-Bruce also confronts Selina to try to convince her to leave Gotham.  Instead of believing him she sort of freaks out and they fight.  Anti-Bruce shoves her out of the window, nice throwback to Selina doing that to Alfred’s buddy, and we leave her possibly dead surrounded by a dozen cats!

With five episodes left of this season I still feel like there is still so much that can happen.  I wonder if Bruce will complete his training?  Will Gordon prevent Gotham’s downfall? Will Penguin be able to take on the Queen and regain his throne? Only time will tell!


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