NBC Un-Cancels Timeless

Inconceivable! – NBC Un-Cancels Timeless!

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Last year when NBC announced it was jumping on the time-travel train with Timeless I didn’t have much hope. The broadcast networks have never seemed to know what to do with science fiction, so I wasn’t holding my breath. Then Timeless swept me off my feet and out of time with a new and fun adventure every week. Heck, we even got to a point where we could understand and even sympathize with Garcia Flynn, the “big bad” of the show. It was a pleasant surprise to NBC’s lineup that left us with a hatch-blowing finale.

And then the axe fell …

It was recently announced that Timeless was out of time. NBC loved the show, but the numbers just didn’t add up for them. Like everything, it came down to dollars and the bean counters needed their pound of flesh. That flesh was shaped exactly like the Lifeboat. (Anyone else think it’s funny how much the Lifeboat looks like the CBS “eye” logo?)

And then something even more unthinkable happened: NBC FREAKING UN-CANCELED THE SHOW! In the most shocking move since that giant space rock killed all them big-assed lizards, NBC took fans’ pleas to heart. Timeless is coming back in 2018 for a 10-episode run. It’ll likely either air in the Spring or Summer, but what’s important is it will be back. Deadline reported this almost unbelievable news earlier today.

Here’s proof I’m not drunk, pantsless, & lying. Okay, here’s proof I’m not lying.


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Timeless will return on NBC in 2018. Stay tuned!

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