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San Diego Comic Con: Weekly Round Up

San Diego Comic-Con is only 67 short days away and while that feels like it might be far away, it’ll be here before we know it! The official schedule won’t be available until exactly two weeks before the big event, but there is still plenty of news to go around. So, I am happy to introduce to you, our Weekly Round-Up for SDCC. Each Saturday I’ll break down all the key news stories that happened over the previous week and offer up a “Pro Tip” for the big show!

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The (dreaded) Hotel Lottery aka Hotelpocalypse, is almost complete now, onPeak has sent out both Wave 1 and Wave 2 emails. Didn’t get a hotel? There’s still hope! If you submitted a form during the Hotel Lottery and selected that you’d like to be on placed on the wait-list, you still have a chance at getting a convention hotel. Comic-Con International (CCI) sent out emails with the wait-list information, so be sure to check your email and remember to check in your junk/spam folder if you don’t see it. Monday May 15th any of the rooms still available will be offered up to those who signed up for the wait-list. You’ll be emailed a link Monday morning, that will take you to the sale. As this is a live inventory (so first come/first served) sale, you’ll need to be ready to click on that link right as it comes in to have the best selection of available rooms. There are also hotels/motels with available rooms further away from the convention center, you can check travel sites for both Mission Valley and Hotel Circle. Though you won’t be within walking distance, San Diego does have a trolley system with a stop right in front of the convention center and SDCC will run shuttle buses for free during the event. You might be able to snag a hotel within walking distance to a stop on the shuttle route and can utilize that over the weekend.

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Funko Fun Days is coming back to SDCC this summer and the general ticket sales will be coming up soon. Funko Fun Days is a fan/collector appreciation party Friday July 21st, 2017. Your ticket will include entry into the event, live entertainment all night long, the chance to mingle with other collectors and Funko employees, enjoy contests and giveaways, plus food and drinks. The tickets will go on sale Wednesday May 17th at 10am PST. These tickets are hot commodity and sell out FAST, so be prepared to purchase right when they go on sale. The tickets are $140 (plus $8.69 in fees) and are limited to 2 per customer, the tickets are not transferable but you can request a refund if unable to attend.  They will do an ID check at the door so the original purchaser must attend and bring their “plus 1” with them to gain entry. As a special thank you, each ticketed guest will receive a “Box of Fun” filled with exclusive Funko goodies. You’ll need to keep an eye on their Twitter and their Facebook for the link to purchase.

Nerd HQ has announced that they will not be attending SDCC this summer. Nerd HQ has long been considered the best and most popular of the off-site events, so this was a sad announcement for fans of the event. Nerd HQ would host fan parties, dance parties, as well as “Conversations for a Cause” celebrity panels where the proceeds were donated to Operation Smile. It seems that owner, actor Zachery Levi, has something up his sleeve, teasing fans with this comment during his announcement. Check out the full announcement video below. Update: We’ve had two Zachery Levi announcements this afternoon to add to this article! First, Zachery Levi was announced as the host for “Syfy Presents Live From Comic-Con” which is a telecast with celebrity interviews, sneak peeks of upcoming releases, exclusive content and insider coverage. Levi also found a way to keep donations to Operation Smile going this SDCC, with Nerd HQ SDCC Care Packages. These care packages are basically a snack box that will feed 2-4 people. They’ll be available for pickup outside of Hall H Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Right now they’re on sale and you can specify which dates you want to pick up and if you have any allergy or dietary restrictions for your snack box. For every box sold, $1 will be donated to Operation Smile, to place and order or find out more about that click here.

“In the coming weeks, specifically this coming week, there will be a flurry of announcements regarding various things that will be happening in San Diego during Comic-Con. And my hope is that I will be able to provide to you through some of those other things at least a modicum of what we’ve been able to bring to you through Nerd HQ.”

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Conan O’Brien will be returning to San Diego this summer for 4 recordings from Wednesday to Saturday of the con. Hosted at The Sprekcles Theater for the past three years this has been another fan favorite of the off-site events. Last year lucky fans who attended were able to see up close the casts of Games of Thrones, Suicide Squad and many more! In addition to being in the room with some of the greatest celebrities around, fans were also given exclusive Conan Funko Pop Figures. This is one of the hardest off-sites to get into, last year the tickets were done via a lottery based system and opened up on July 8th. Be sure to follow Conan on Twitter and sign up on his Website to stay up to date on how you’ll snag a ticket for this year.

Looking for Friday night plans outside of Funko Fun Days? How about another event that gives back to charity with the Game of Thrones Pub Crawl! This will be a classic style bar crawl but with a Game of Thrones scavenger hunt theme and prizes. The Gas Lamp bars will be separated out into various Kingdoms, with the Houses from the show each being featured. You’ll gain points and work as a House Team to earn the Porcelain Throne. It’s $4 to register and 100% of that cost goes to a charity of your choice from their list. To find out more about the pub crawl and to register visit their website.

Bob’s Burger fans can now rejoice as Tinapocalypse will be throwing a MEAT-up outside the convention center Friday July 21st at 4pm. You can expect cosplay, fun, and lots of Tina’s with this meat-up. More details will be announced but for now follow their Facebook page to let them know you’re interested in attending and for new announcements.

And now for my SDCC Pro Tip of the week, start walking around more now. SDCC is a marathon event, for most people starting on Wednesday night and continuing all through Sunday. Whether you are walking to/from your hotel, taking laps around the exhibit hall floor, finding lunch in the Gas Lamp, or walking from one panel to another, you will do a LOT of walking at SDCC. Make sure you have good shoes planned for the event, with enough support and closed toe (way too many people and traffic jams mean open toed shoes = your toes will get stepped on repeatedly). Don’t wait to purchase new shoes a few days before the convention, you want them to already be broken in, so you save yourself the aches and pains of rubbing and blisters. This is the perfect time to find some great shoes for the show and start breaking them in by taking nightly strolls. You will do an insane amount of walking that weekend so the more you condition your body now to those extra steps, the better off you’ll be. Walking up and down that flight of stairs a few extra times now might seem annoying, but you’ll appreciate it come July!

Heading to San Diego Comic-Con this summer? Let us know in a comment! We’d love to meet you there! 

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