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San Diego Comic Con Weekly Round Up

San Diego Comic Con is now a mere 53 days away, typically after Memorial Day is when the flood gates really open and we see a ton of convention updates. Therefore, we don’t have tons of new announcements for this week but there are a few goodies! I’m going to stay away from Exclusive announcements for now, once a majority of the vendors have full lists available we will look at those items with more detail.

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First up, check your email (and junk folder) because CCI has started to send out shipping confirmations for attendee badges. Don’t see an email yet? Don’t worry, it seems like these will be sent out in stages and the first wave of badges have gone out. I didn’t receive my email, but saw a friends. Once you get the email you can expect your badge to arrive within 3 to 5 business days. CCI sends the badges in “non-descript” envelopes, so be vigilant with your mail! It really is just a plain white envelope from “El” and can be mistaken for junk, so be certain to open all your mail completely before tossing anything. Luckily the RFID badges give the envelop a little bit of heft, which should help you spot it.

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Stan Lee was announced with the 15th and final wave of Special Guests heading to San Diego this summer. According to his PR team, 2017 is the last year of conventions for Stan so he is sure to be even more popular at this year’s show than ever before. Though the Special Guests normally are given a “Spotlight Panel” during the big event, there has been no word yet on a panel or autograph schedule for him. If seeing Stan is something that you are really interested in, make sure you plan for it to be popular. Expect to wait in longer lines and for any autographs to be lottery based.

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Nintendo has announced their “Play Nintendo” tour dates, with the first stop being San Diego Comic Con. This confirms that Nintendo is bringing their gaming lounge back to SDCC this summer at the Marriott Marquis and Marina. The gaming lounge will be open from Thursday the 20th to Sunday the 23rd. While the official hours for 2017 haven’t been released yet, in the past it’s typically been 10am-7pm Thursday-Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday. They’ll be bringing several of their more popular gaming titles and probably have at least a few of the new Switch systems to try out. They also tend to bring unreleased games for fans to preview, have game and system demonstrations, and host tournaments!

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The Razer Experience Tour to make it’s debut stop at San Diego Comic Con, Thursday the 20th-Sunday the 23rd at the Petco Interactive Zone! They are the first official announcement for the Petco Interactive Zone, so it’s also the first confirmation that the Interactive Zone area is back for 2017! They will have over 20 interactive demo stations where you can test our their computers and accessories, from playing in VR to composing your own music track they will highlight some of the awesome things you can do with technology. You’ll also get the chance to create your own custom “x-ray” by use of a green screen, to reveal your inner gaming super hero or villain and share with friends. There will also be a prize pack given away with a Razer laptop and accessories included.

Image Credit: CCI from 2013 Blood Drive

The San Diego Blood Drive is back at the Manchester Hyatt and it’s celebrating it’s 40th anniversary! Walk-ins are welcome, but you can also book an appointment times online:

Thursday July 20th, 9am – 6pm

Friday July 21st, 9am – 6pm

Saturday July 22nd, 9am – 6pm

Though donations times vary per donor, they suggest planning at least an hour for the time slot that you pick. In the past donors have been gifted with special swag for their time/donation and The Geeky Hooker has already confirmed that she has donated some of her amazing crochet characters to the event for swag. No San Diego Comic Con badge is required to be a donor and you can find more information by heading over to The San Diego Blood Bank

Pro-Tip of the week! Plan on bringing cash with you each day. In this day and age more booths and smaller vendors or artists are able to take a credit/debit card, but it really stinks to find the perfect item and then not be able to purchase it until you’ve grabbed cash. Plus that adds waiting in yet another line at the ATM. You’ll be waiting in enough lines over the weekend, so plan ahead and bring cash with you for each day. Though many place in the area, including the convention center do have ATMs, there is also not a guarantee that when you are the one needing to grab cash that it won’t already be empty/low on funds. Start pulling out your spending money now and tuck it away in the sock drawer to bring with you come July.

Heading to San Diego Comic-Con this summer? Let us know in a comment! We’d love to meet you there! 

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