Dark Matter Digest S3 July 16: The Con Is On!

Syfy Latin America Has a Dark Matter Teaser for You

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You want more Dark Matter. I want more Dark Matter. The entire world wants more Dark Matter! My main goal in life, other than staying on my wife’s good side, is getting you any and everything related to our favorite show. So here’s more.

I owe a debt of thanks to Dark Matter devotee and Twitter friend, Ceres (@ceresis64), for alerting me to this wonderful trailer from Syfy Latin America. If you’re any kind of fan of the show do yourself a favor and follow them both on Twitter. That way you’ll be more likely to see even more news about the show and Ceres makes some pretty cool poster art, too!

Comparing it to the 2 US trailers, there are very few overlapping scenes in this 30 second teaser. Many of them technically occur within the same scene of the show, but are snippets from a bit before or after ones you’ve already seen in the earlier videos. The audio is in Spanish, but if you don’t speak the language that’s okay because action, excitement, and adventure are international languages. Give it a peek and treat yourself to some new season 3 goodness.

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Dark Matter season 3 premieres Friday, June 9 at 8/7c on Syfy & Space

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