The Mist: A Sneak Peek & New Trailer

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In less than one month, Spike TV will be debuting their adaptation of The Mist, based upon the novella of the same name by Stephen King. The Mist is a psychological thriller that follows two groups of people after a weird storm has rolled in and their small town becomes isolated. What happens to your fellow neighbors when a disaster has struck, food and supplies are running low and monsters in the mist start to attack?

Image Credit: Spike TV

Though based upon the novella of the same name, Spike TV has cooked up a few changes to make their 10 episode series unique while still respecting the original source materials. Instead of a supermarket setting, our main characters will be trapped in the mall or trapped in a church, with other locations being added to the mix. The Mist will premiere on Spike TV June 22nd, at 10pm and to satisfy fans anticipation Spike put out a behind the scenes look of the upcoming show called “Entering The Mist.”

The Miswill explore both the mysterious mist that has taken over the town, and the monsters that might be hiding within. More importantly, The Mist will evaluate human nature and the chaos that can ensue when the rules of society begin to break down.

Take away food, take away water…and people start to do bad things.


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