This Week In Class: Brave-Ish Heart Promo

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Up next in Class, two separate worlds will be at war. Last week April jumped through a tear in time and space to hunt down the Shadowkin. She is declaring all out war in order to get sole ownership of her heart back. With a budding romance between April and Ram, he too jumped through the tear, determined to help April and keep her safe. Meanwhile, her Class-mates back in London have to come together to save the planet from impending doom and eventual extinction.

April knows that she must defeat Corakinus once and for all in order to fully gain her heart back, but are she and Ram capable of taking on the entire Shadowkin army in the Shadowkin Realm? Light-years away from Earth, they will not be receiving any help from their fellow Class-mates, so together they must be successful against the Shadowkin or they might never make it back home. And if their friends can’t stop the blood-feasting, ever multiplying alien petals, there might not even be an Earth to come back to.

Down two teams members, the Class-mates back in London have to work with Quill and the school’s new headmistress, Dorothea, in order to reverse the invasion of the petals in London. With the strife between Tanya and Charlie, Charlie and Mattesuz, Charlie and Quill, or Quill and Dorothea prevent them from being able to come together for the common good and stop Earth’s ultimate end? Watch on BBC America this Saturday to find out!

Be sure to catch me after Class, so we can review this week’s assignment and tweet along during the episode with #ClassDW !

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