Class: Head Writer Departs

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The official Facebook page for Class has confirmed that head writer for season 1, Patrick Ness, will be exiting the show for good. With a second season still unconfirmed and a mediocre finale, Class struggled all season with low ratings internationally. Patrick states that his decision to step down comes from issues in handling the broadcasting and filming, as well as the low ratings. Keep reading if you want to see where Patrick would have taken a season two.

Head Writer, Patrick Ness. Image Credit: BBC Class


Had Patrick stayed on for a second season he would have taken the Class-mates to explore the home world for popular Doctor Who  monster, The Weeping Angels. We also would have seen a Weeping Angel Civil War, which is a story I’d like to see evolve, either in Class or Doctor Who in the future. The Class-mates would have to help deal with Quill’s homicidal child, so at least we know that her pregnancy from season one would have weaved into the story arc nicely in the future. Lastly, Ness said we would have seen an epic plot twist that left Charlie and Mattesuz in the woods, shirtless, chopping wood together.

Are you sad to head about Patrick leaving the show? Do you want to see a season 2 for Class? Who would you like to see take over in Patrick’s place? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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