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Dark Matter Review: All The Time In The World

By: Michelle Harvey
Dark Matter Raza Crew syfy tv review

Dark Matter blew me away this week with “All The Time In The World” being one of the best episodes of television I’ve ever seen. Not only is this episode a blast for Dark Matter fans, “All The Time In The World” can (and should) be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys the sci-fi genre. There is more to this episode than meets the eye, things will be revealed that we cannot unlearn and it highlights a dark path ahead of our beloved Raza Crew.

We start off with Three going about his day, however he must have a serious case of deja vu because he knows everything that’s going to happen. To Adrian slipping and falling, knowing where Two’s holster is, saying “hey” to Five at the exact same moment and even what problem the Android is working on, something is happening to Three. The only problem is none of the other crew believe him. Poor Three gets to relive his day over and over trying to think of new ways to convince the others that what he is experiencing is real and all of them just look at him like he’s crazy. Of course from the viewers standpoint, it’s hysterical to watch Three try and think up ways to prove it to the others and you can never go wrong with a “Groundhog” day episode.

DARK MATTER — “All the Time In the World” Episode 304 — Pictured: (l-r) Anthony Lemke as Three, Melissa O’Neil as Two, Zoie Palmer as The Android — (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Dark Matter Series 3/Syfy)

The first part of tonight really is just comically trying to establish that Three really is re-living the same day over and over, while thinking of ways he can prove it to the others, but trouble always finds the Raza Crew, even if they aren’t really looking for it. Which is a great balance against Three’s frustrated and comical antics. Whenever he is either knocked out (which happens a surprising amount actually) or falls asleep his entire day resets, how many times does Three live through the same day before he’s able to convince the rest of the crew, nobody knows for sure but it must have been a hell of a lot. To be fair the crew thinks that Sarah being back as a computer program probably has something to do with his weird funk, but even when he visits her (over and over) that doesn’t affect his time loop. Not only is Three trying to figure out why this is happening to him and getting help from the others trying to stop it, they also are dealing with one of Ryo’s assassins. This particular one, Ash, has some scary tech available to him and he is able to phase through walls, technology that should be light years ahead of where we’re currently at.

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Three asks the Android to teach him something that he would never know in a million years in order to be able to prove himself the next day. He starts off by trying to remember what’s wrong with the ship but all that technical mumbo jumbo proves to be slightly too much for him. They embark on a language journey and suddenly, well not so suddenly for Three, is fluent in French. (Nerdy moment, to kick off their first French lesson Andorid uses the phrase Allons-y, French for “let’s go” which was a fantastic nod to Doctor Who.) Not only is he fluent in French he exasperatedly recalls to the Android, after being shut down once again by the crew, what’s wrong with the ship and that finally gets their attention. On top of this he’s also convinced Adrian and Solara to share a secret with him, something he could never know, and that helps to prove his case. Poor guy has tried everything from getting out of bed on the other side, to staying awake past when he thinks the time loop would reset itself and even by doing everything completely opposite as he did the “day” before. He’s stuck for now and the crew has other issues to worry about.

Now to deal with Ash, the phasing assassin who single handily wants to take out the crew. Because Three knows he will be there, they set a trap to try and figure out how he knew where they were and of course to stop him from killing them all. Adrian is told to stay in his room and essentially let the adults work but gets distracted by Four-No-More’s shiny blades, and ends up caught in the middle of Ash and Three duking it out. He grabs this weird heavy object, looks like an old clock almost, and tries to knock Ash out with it. He gets knocked out and bam, is now ALSO stuck in the time loop with Three. Luckily because Three has already been living this day for quite some time, Ash doesn’t have quite as hard of a time getting the rest of the crew to believe him. They make another plan of attack for Ash and re-live the day again. This time Ash also remembers being on the ship before and is confused by the time loop but is still set in his mission of killing the crew. Two is able to stun Ash and they move him to a holding cell, removing most of his clothing so they can also get a look at his phasing tech that must be hidden somewhere in his suit. They don’t get much information out of him before he phases right out of there, in underpants and nothing else. Solara finds him attacking Five and is able to hold him there until Two and Three make it there. He just begins to phase through one of the walls when Two gets him with her huge ass stun gun, leaving him halfway trapped in the wall, and here’s the nod to Star Wars with Ash in a very carbonite looking pose. They were able to figure out how the Blink Drive was tracking them, and turn the signal off so that Ryo’s new groupies couldn’t find them, but I don’t think that this will be the last we see of Ryo and his lackeys.

Now that they can take a breather, the crew discusses what might be causing the time loop. Three brings out the weird clock that Adrian used previously. He admits that the night before his never ending loop he was going through Adrian’s stuff and messed with that. After Adrian handled it and his Ash with it, they both also became stuck in the loop. So the Android takes a look at it to see if she can figure it out. Unfortunately, Tabor stole it from some scientist that owed him money so they have zero information about what the hell this thing is or how to work it. Android thinks she’s got it figured out and is going to do a quick test to make sure she’s correct which then takes us through a very weird and revealing series of events. I’m actually quite surprised at how much is revealed through this next sequence and what lies ahead for the Raza Crew.

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The Android was only supposed to go 5 seconds into the past but she is now bouncing all over through time. We see a scene with her and Two where she has reinstalled the chip to make her pass a human, with Two explaining to her that she is crying which is an expression of sadness. To being questioned in a GA run tech facility, her and the Raza Crew having been caught and brought in and her being disassembled piece by piece to be studied by a sadistic engineer. To her in a very Star-Trek Borg like state, at the end of time itself where she meets Five, who has changed immensely.

She tells the Android that the time machine must be destroyed, she doesn’t want to share much of their future because she doesn’t want the Android to try and change things, the device has to be destroyed and that’s the end of it. When the Android asks Five what awaits them she rambles off quite the list for us, which I’ll just leave right here. The Android jumps back to where she left the crew and immediately destroys the mysterious machine, at least the time loop is broken and they can be on their way.

  • Dwarf Star’s Conspiracy
  • The Doubled Deception
  • Krydin, Corina
  • The Accelerated
  •  The Fall of the House of Ishida
  • The Meeting with your Creator
  • The Black Ships


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What did you think of tonight’s episode? What do you think of Five’s list? What lies ahead for the Raza Crew? Let me know by dropping a comment here or finding us on Twitter!

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