Dark Matter Review: Give It Up, Princess

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By: Michelle Harvey June 30, 2017

Our beloved bad ass Raza crew is back on track this week after spending last week stuck in the never ending time loop. “Give It Up, Princess” has some big shoes to fill with how fantastic last week was, but the crew does a solid job and this episode builds upon the overarching story lines given to us by Five last week. And hey, we get to see Android use her upgrade, which is something I for one would never turn down.

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Up until this point, both Adrian and Solara have been more side characters than anything else. “Give It Up, Princess” gives us a closer look at who they are as individuals. Sure their stay on the Raza might not be permanent but they are here for now and could very well be puzzle pieces that help fulfill parts of Five’s ominous list. Five want’s to train again, like what she used to have with Four and Solara is the best fit for that to happen. Solara agrees to work with Five and quickly learns that Five isn’t quite the beginner that she assumed. Five asks about where Solara learned martial arts and we finally get a glimpse of her personality. She learned martial arts growing up in a monastery, it’s a therapeutic past time for them. Though all in the monastery swore a vow to never harm another, even in self defense. She was on a pilgrimage one day when invaders stole very valuable manuscripts and killed everyone there. Sht tracked them into the woods and while they slept she killed each and every one, breaking her vow and forever changing her future.

Adrian wants to make a phone call to one of Tabor’s safe houses, see if anything useful can be found there. Ambrosia, Tabor’s girlfriend answers and is in distress. It is worth noting that both Five and Three responded to that with “Tabor’s got a girlfriend?!” She’s being held hostage by a competitor of Tabor. He demands that Adrian bring him a particular file that Tabor had in his possession. Adrian thinks it’s weird because the file they are asking for was deemed useless by Tabor, a few random items and information on something called Project Phoenix. This catches Two’s attention as Phoenix was the code name for Ferrous Corp, a ship manufacturing facility that has the potential to change the entire course of the corporate war almost instantly. She makes a deal with Adrian, he will give the file over to The Raza and in exchange they will make sure Ambrosia is rescued.  The Android scans the area where Tabor would have hidden the file and it looks to be abandoned. Great! This should be an easy in and out to pick up the file, even Adrian makes the comment, “See abandoned, now this should be a walk in the park.”

Well, if by abandoned the Android meant completely destroyed, then her answer was right on the nose! Not to fear, Tabor always had back up copies made for files, they instead can just pop in and get it out of the safety deposit box at this other hideaway. The only bump in the road here is that the safety deposit box is deep in Ferrous Corp territory, which could put a wrinkle in their plan. Adrian insists that it won’t be bad, they just need to shuttle in him and Five and they’ll be in and out super fast. The security on this station is basically on Tabor’s payroll, so he’s never experienced an issue there. Adrian and Five suit up, just the two of them and make their way onto the station…where they are immediately arrested. Seems that the head of security hasn’t been paid by Tabor in the last few weeks, so unless Adrian was sent with his back pay he and Five will be SOL. Luckily they don’t seem to know who Five is but it won’t be long before her identity is revealed. If Adrian can’t pay up there is only one other way to get himself out of this, and that is to rat out the crew of the Raza. Two has decided that something must have gone wrong, there’s no way it should be taking this long. Just as she and Three are suiting up, Android says she’s got a better idea. Enter Android with her upgrade, she’s snarky, she’s sexy and she can kick the ass of anyone on that station without breaking a sweat. I love when we get sassy Android! She of course is able to break the two of them out of there easily, but without gaining access to the safety deposit box, they are still sans necessary data file.

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Adrian has got one last trick up his sleeve, Tabor has a super secret hidden storage facility.  If any other copies of that file exist, that is where it’ll be. Though it’s a long shot they really don’t have anything else to go off of, so it’s worth a shot. I mean what else could possibly go wrong for the crew in trying to track down this damn file? Sure enough Tabor does have a storage facility here, cash, goods, all types of things hidden away. For how much is stashed in here it sure was easy for them to get it. Almost, too easy. And just like that Adrian, Two, and Solara are all trapped inside of a force field, being watched over by a security android who is required to hold them there until Tabor arrives. At this rate Tabor hasn’t been there in over 3 months, so they might be stuck for awhile. Android comes to the rescue once again, showing the android that there is so much more he could be, what his real potential is. She’s still got her upgrade in of course and she is close to talking him down when Three stuns him instead. She leaves him an upgrade chip of his own, so he can decide on his own when he wakes back up. And the crew is finally in possession of this impossible file.

Adrian heads to the meeting point to save Ambrosia. He’s got the real file on him, but the file is encrypted and they won’t be able to do anything with it right away. Plus, Solara, Two and Three are all there for backup in assisting with keeping the file in their hands AND saving Ambrosia. Looks like Adrian got played though, as Ambrosia turns on him. She wants to go into business for herself and that particular file already has a very heavy bidder. She can sell that one item and be retired within the year and it’s clear that she is willing to kill in order to achieve this goal. Luckily for Adrian, he has friends who are there to back him up, though they do need something from Ambrosia. Tabor gave her a special locket awhile back, that locket has the decryption code needed for this data file. Realizing that she is now screwed Ambrosia tried to play the pity card one last time, but Solara takes the locket and they leave her in the woods. At least Adrian learned a lesson and the Raza has the file, which will prove useful in their future plans.

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Meanwhile, Ryo (Four-No-More) is having some problems running his empire. With the ongoing war, they are losing too many ships and soldiers. Ruling by force only works so well and without the people really behind him, Ryo has some tough decisions ahead of him. His advisory counsel also cannot agree on a damn thing so he is getting pulled in many directions. In the end he let’s his stone cold heart rule and that ends up putting his own life at risk. Someone tries to poison him and to make an example out of it Ryo has his entire family and close friends rounded up and executed. I’m still annoyed with him so it doesn’t pain me to see him struggling, he deserves it at this point.

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Five and Six get to have a phone call, and it a sweet moment between the two of them. He’s busy helping to lead the colonies to independence, and they are so much closer to gaining independence for many of these labor colonies. By bringing them together in a united front that will help in it’s own small way in this gigantic corporate war. He does have some free time coming up and promised Five could visit. We cut to a Ferrous Corp general, he’s gloating that the war will soon be won and victory will be in their grasp. However, with the strides the colonies have made towards independence being so much greater than expected, the colonies are now an issue that has to be dealt with sooner rather than later. They have to act quickly, swift, and with minimal damage possible. He says it’s time to enter Agent Zero into play, and we see an image of Six on his screen….

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