Handmaid’s Tale: Preview, Episode 9 – Crossing ‘The Bridge’

It’s hard to believe we only have two episodes left for this first season of The Handmaid’s Tale! This show has truly touched nerves and created a lot of discussion. This week’s episode is sure to do more of the same.

Official synopsis: Offred embarks on a dangerous mission for the resistance. Janine moves to a new posting.  Serena Joy suspects the Commander’s infidelity.

The Handmaid’s Tale — “The Bridge” Episode 109 (Photo by: George Kraychyk/Hulu)

Unofficially, you’re in for an excellent hour. Janine’s more than a little unbalanced – remember that she told Offred that her commander loves her, and that they’d be a family? What happens when she’s removed from her baby and sent to a new home? And I feel like Offred is gaining strength in her resolve to survive, now that she realizes there is some possible way to fight back, through the Maidez resistance. What will she risk, and compromise, to do her part? Has she been bolstered by finding out that Luke is alive?


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