The Mist Review: Episode Two

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With the mysterious mist settling into Bridgeville, this week addresses a primal instinct found in each and every one of us, the fight of flight response. At this point our main characters are all well aware that there is something happening in the mist and that to stay alive they need to stay inside. But you also can’t just ride it out in an under equipped place so venturing out might also be necessary. That’s the case for Kevin Copeland, he knows that his wife and daughter are at the mall and he will stop at nothing to get to them. The jerk of a sheriff left him, Adrian and the two prisoners on their own and took the car, but Kevin knows that they cannot stay at the police station. The mall not only houses his family and reason for life, but there will be food and supplies there, which is a good enough reason for the rest to help join in on this quest. The police cruiser is out front but they need to find an extra set of keys, Mia disappears and Bryan find her in the evidence room looking for drugs to steal. He promises not to tell Kevin but doesn’t let her take the pills with them, she needs to be alert in the mist not drugged. Here’s the thing though, when they finally do find keys for the police cruiser, why on Earth she Mia the one driving? Even without Kevin knowing about her attempt to steal the pain pills, the one person you free from a jail cell who actually seems to be in there for legitimate reasons is the one you let drive the car?!?! No shocker here, but after an attempted car jacking she has a bit of an episode and ends up crashing the police cruiser, leaving the four of them stranded in the mist. They aren’t far from the church, small blessings there, but they probably could have made it closer to the mall if Mia hadn’t of crashed the car. She’s fighting her own demons though and maybe the church is the best place for them to be right now. Kevin seems pretty determined and I don’t think this small set back will stop him from continuing to the mall to be with his wife and daughter.

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Meanwhile, at the mall, we finally see Gus Bradley, mall manager and become acquainted with his idea of “fair” and “rules” after the mist strikes. Clearly everyone at the mall knows that something is up, the mist has killed people and it’s scary to think what might happen next. Enter Gus, someone who maybe isn’t so proud of his work but proud of himself and therefore jumps on this opportunity to shine during an attack. The best thing to do is wait it out, and not let anyone outside or let the mist inside. They break off into groups in order to lock all the mall entry doors, ensuring that whatever is killing people out in the mist will not make it into his mall. Sure everything is fine and dandy now but there’s quite a group now all trapped in the mall to wait this out and it doesn’t seem like everyone is friendly. Alex’s accused attacker is there of course, making the situation even harder on both her and Eve.

In the mall camp, Eve comes across another dead body in the administrative wing of the upper floor. The door is closed but something sinister has certainly occurred in the hallway. Alex suggests sending in the camera equipped drone to see if whatever was in the mist is still there, hoping to gain some insight about what’s happening. They send the drone in and sadly are unsuccessful at spotting any monsters. However, they do find the source of the mist, an open window, and deem it currently sage enough to attempt a rescue attempt. A random shopper at the mall suggests to Gus that after 9/11 all big corporations like this had to keep a special radio on hand in case of terrorist attacks. The mall has one, but it’s in the security office which is stuck in the mist filled administrative wing, so someone has to risk their neck getting in there and calling for help. Being the manager of the mall makes Gus the leader, but he isn’t brave enough to actually take on leadership responsibilities. Instead of appointing himself or his top security guard to the job he decides that a lottery system is the most fair and that if someone doesn’t agree to put themselves in harms way for the good of the group they can be kicked outside the mall and hope for the best trying to make it to their car. Nobody in the group is quite that desperate, so everyone agrees to enter the lottery. Grand prize winner gets a trip down the mist filled hallway in an attempt to find the emergency radio and call for help.

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Eve is the lucky winner but surprisingly doesn’t have to venture into the mist alone. The guy who originally suggested finding the emergency radio agrees to go with her. After finding proper care for Alex, Eve agrees in going, she wants to find help as much as anyone else. I just think she is hesitant to leave Alex alone at such a crucial time considering the man she has accused is also trapped in the mall right alongside her. Eve and Clint head to the administrative hallway and are successful in reaching the security office. Too pumped up with adrenaline they don’t take a moment to close the open window, which I think would have been a smart play. If the window is closed and the hallway is currently safe then it means you don’t have to worry about going in there again, but hey, that’s just me. They make it to the security office AND find the radio with enough battery left to call for help, more than most horror stories would allow for. Clint is tired of trying all the main channels so he puts in a secret code and calls for what I can only assume is the nearby military base that Bryan came from. Eve catches on that he definitely knows more than has led on and sees that he is carrying a gun in his jacket. Long story short they get into a fight about this and she ends up having to shoot him in order to save herself. Pitty, as I would have loved to find out what he knows about this mist and why it’s arrived suddenly. Eve is able to come up with a cover story about how they got separated in the hallway and he didn’t make it back out, conveniently stating that the radio was inoperable. Clint’s friends seemed overly concerned about the radio and it’s usability, so I think that Eve made the right call here in lying to them.

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Ending the episode we see Jay, Alex’s accused star quarterback attacker wake up in the middle of the night to find the bathroom. Already the water is shut off, that can never be a good sign, and he discovers the other member’s of Clint’s “group” dead in the bathroom. After Eve says the radio is useless and Clint has failed in contacting whatever agency it is they all work for, the remaining group members opt for suicide instead of waiting out what will happen with the mist covering the town. Because that’s not ominous at all! Over at the church everyone shares a drink in remembrance of Benedict, Mrs. Raven’s recently deceased husband, and heads are starting to clash at the whole “religion” aspect of needing God. Sure our main residents have found shelter, but that is very different from them being safe.

I love that this episode is more character driven than Mist driven. We do see that the mist is smart, it can play off fears. I noticed it in the first episode but with Mia seeing her old ghost in the mist and Bryan backing it up, it’s evident that this is a whole new ball park for what type of intelligence we can expect from the mist and the monsters that lie within. Tonight’s episode is more about establishing our characters primal need to find shelter and how that shelter might not always be quite what they expected. It’s also good to see which characters are willing to push their boundaries in order to stay alive and how that might be foreshadowing how they react to in a dreary future setting. We’re not even a day into this mist and already the panic has set in, basic necessities are beginning to end, and common society rules are breaking down. Who says that monsters only came in with the mist?

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