Next Time On Doctor Who: World Enough and Time

Next Time On Doctor Who: World Enough and Time

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We’ve almost arrived at the penultimate episode of Doctor Who season 10 and the end is coming much too soon. It looks like the Doctor might be giving Missy a real chance to show she’s sincere about changing her ways. It wouldn’t be surprising if she used this opportunity to take advantage of her buddy’s good intentions. I kind of expect it, but this is interesting territory the show is exploring so I’m hoping they go a different direction.

Missy is still out of the Vault and looks to be going on an adventure that’s also a test. The gaggle (because, let’s face it, now that there’s four of them, we’re entering Gaggle Territory) end up on a spaceship hundreds of miles long. Of course the huge ship is trapped by the intense gravity of a nearby black hole so saving the day is left to … the Doctor and Missy? There’s so much going on that it’s being delivered in two parts.

If you haven’t seen it yet and are not fond of spoilers let’s just say a couple of familiar faces appear, so consider that before watching. These faces are not fond or friendly, they’re quite the opposite, but fans should be very happy to see them again. I mean, Doctor Who has some of the most lovable monsters and villains ever to be seen. Prepare to feel the love … and the pain.

Episode synopsis:

A huge spaceship trapped in the gravity well of a black hole, teeming with impossible lifeforms, harbors one of the Doctor’s most feared enemies… Mondasian Cybermen!

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