Orphan Black 502 Promo: Clutch of Greed

Orphan Black 502 Promo: Clutch of Greed

By: Tom Gardiner
502 Orphan Black promo

The crazy never seems to slow down on Orphan Black and this train’s chugging full steam ahead in episode 502. Rachel, the poster child for crazy and evil, wants Kira. She claims she wants to “study” her, but you already know Sarah’s reaction to that request. This fiercely protective mother isn’t having any of it and if Old One Eye should be afraid of anything, it’s Sarah.

Meanwhile, Cosima’s taking a journey of self-discovery, attempting to find out her origins. Those origins would explain all the clones’ reasons for being created, not just Cosima’s. Could we finally be getting close to getting answers to questions raised in the very first episode? Will Rachel get her icily evil way with Kira? And will we finally learn more about Kira and her extraordinary healing abilities? Remember, she was hit by a car and came away miraculously uninjured.

Episode synopsis:

Captured by Neolution Sarah receives a damning ultimatum from Rachel: come into the fold, or lose your family. Her decision causes a clash with Kira who begins exploring her own maturity. Meanwhile, Ferdinand struggles to get a handle on Rachel’s new velvet glove mandate in pursuit of the clones. With Neolutionists and Ferdinand watching their every move, Felix brings an old ally into the mix to help his family get Kira to safety. On the Island, Cosima struggles to comprehend the reality of the Neolution myth made real.

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If that doesn’t hold you over until June 10, you’ll need to call a doctor. Just don’t try Dr. Leekie’s number, it’s a dead line.

Orphan Black’s 5th & final season premieres Saturday, June 10 at 10/9C on BBC America

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