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Orphan Black Review: Beneath Her Heart

FINALLY! Don’t get me wrong Clone Club, I have been enjoying the final season of Orphan Black, but I’ve been waiting for an Alison-centric episode to get here. “Beneath Her Heart” will not leave you disappointed as Alison finally reaches a new breaking point and breaks through her barrier. Being The Final Trip, we only have so many precious episodes left before all is revealed, and tonight’s is worth it’s weight in gold.

We open with a wonderfully little throwback scene that continues to develop throughout. Aynsley and her husband are over for a dinner date when they ask if Alison and Donnie wanna shake things up a bit. Everyone has a chuckle when they realize that what’s being suggested is trying mushrooms. Alison has been bothered by Beth all night, she refuses to believe that she is a clone and doesn’t want to be involved in any way. So she takes the mushrooms which proves for quite the trippy experience when Cosima, at Beth’s request, shows up and introduces herself to Alison. Alison has a moment where she questions her entire reality and what her purpose really might be. Aynsley suggests that though their lives are great, if she really feels there is something more out there for her, she should listen to her gut. Which is wonderful advice for the Alison of “Beneath Her Heart.”

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Donnie has finally made it home after their little family camping trip but things are definitely not back to normal. The Neolution’s strong arm Maddie is still giving them a hard time about finding Helena and Rachel is willing to push any buttons she can to get that information. Art is still on their case but he is just as stuck as Alison or Donnie, with Maddie and Neolution behind the strings he can only do so much while still protecting his own butt.  Mr. Frontenac also makes a visit to the Hendrix household, harshly reminding Alison of her place in the food chain.

As you go back today, to your vapid existence. I want you to consider your worth. Because even MK had more value than you. – Mr. Frontenac

This clearly upsets Alison, who ends up in her craft room being persuaded by Donnie to still come to their church’s fall fair. Alison was already replaced as head organizer of it, but after finding an old prescription bottle and sticking it in her pocket, is ready to go. She tells Donnie to get dressed in his performance gear and meet her at the church. It’s clear that she doesn’t quite fit in anymore, the new organizer basically tells her not to embarrass herself by trying to take over. She sits in a pew to contemplate, popping two pills and dissolving the rest in an apple juice. Oh boy, if Alison plans on drinking that right now we really are in for one hell of an episode, however she offers it to the new organizer instead. Last moment she has a change of heart though and puts it back in her purse. Outside she runs into Ramone, who is now in the party supply business. He talks himself out of taking the blame over the Hendrix’s little mishap in the drug business and Alison ends up drinking in his car. By the time Donnie shows up she’s “testing” out the bounce house and pretty lit. He tells her that there are Neolution police all over their house with a search warrant, Art is there but that really isn’t much help. All Donnie could do was tell Art to try and keep them out of the garage. Donnie, now in possession of Alison’s handbag, calls Felix for backup. He also helps himself to the apple juice he finds in there…

Over at the Hendrix’s house, Art catches Maddie trying to plant evidence in the garage. Little does she know that there is way more to be found in there. Art calls her out on planting evidence but can’t stop her, she does notice the different patch on the floor and they start tearing the garage apart. Sarah gets Art’s attention and they have a brief chat, but really Art is just as much tied here as the rest of them are. Felix stops in over at the church just in time for Donnie’s highland dance routine at the fair. Everything is going pretty well and I’m cheering on Donnie and those dance moves with his classic kilt getup, and that’s when the drugs hit. Not only is he down but he is bare ass naked, butt and parts facing everyone in the audience. There is concern for his health of course but the best comment comes from Felix, “the weirdest people one.” After some snarky comments from judgy church members about Donnie also having a drug problem Alison steps in and for the first time really tells these people how she feels. The earlier pills, liquor and joint probably help give her that confidence and she also sees Aynsley sitting in the audience, encouraging smile and helping her through.  She admits to her issues, and admits that’s atoned for them. She’s given her heart to this community and they’ve done nothing in return for her. And they can say what they will about her but that nobody in that room an say anything about her Donnie. Most of them bought drugs from her anyway and she’s part of something so much bigger than the rest of them. Felix stops her before too much comes out in that regard but at least Alison finally let those people have it.

Image Credit: BBC America

Image Credit: BBC America

Back at the house, Donnie is willing to give up where Helena is if that’ll stop Rachel from framing Alison. He admits to knowing where she is but wouldn’t tell anyone except Sarah. Alison refuses to let him and decides to take matters into her own hands. She walks right into Dyad and has a face to face with Rachel. I’ve been dying for this moment to happen, I can’t believe we are five seasons in and only now, in this last season are we getting to see the two of them come face to face. Alison says she’s been in this battle for longer even than Sarah and presents Rachel with the head of Dr. Leaky. She knows that even if Rachel were to press charges everything found in her garage would just circle back to Dyad and Rachel, noting that PT Westmoreland probably doesn’t want that kind of reputation for Neolution going around. She demands Rachel get them out of her house, the two clones realize that really they aren’t so different when it comes to protecting the things they care about. Rachel tells Maddie to dispose of the bodies and leave, and she does stand down. Alison has finally had her realization that she is meant for something bigger and more than what she knew before Clone Club. She isn’t leaving Donnie, but she does need some time and space to figure out who she is outside of everything else that has been going on. He understands and the two share an adorable ukulele duet. Oh how I love Alison and Donnie, and I’m so pleased with how badass she was in this past hour.

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Side note for “Beneath Her Heart” somebody has got to keep a better eye on what Rachel is teaching Kira. Kira refuses to talk about her time at Dyad and with Rachel but she is beginning to like Rachel more and take away some bad habits. Mrs. S asks Kira if she wants to discuss what goes on there, and she doesn’t. But Rachel is teaching Kira about her biology and how it is unique and how Helena’s babies will also be unique. She give Kira a pet mouse, a special mouse like herself. This mouse has the ability to slip out of it’s own skin and fur if a predator attacks it and then regrow that skin back. After homework is done and Mrs. S shuts her bedroom door to get ready for bed, Kira wanders over to her desk and pulls out a pocket knife. Now it doesn’t surprise me that she’s got a pocket knife, look at Sarah and her dad. But the look she gives that poor mouse after opening up the pocket knife is entirely sinister. We don’t see her do anything but I think we all know where this is going. Can we save Kira before she turns into a tiny serial killer please? K, thanks. The scariest part of that relationship, is that Kira can feel the other clones and their emotions, she knew immediately when MK was dead. Will her time with Rachel corrupt her enough to give Rachel clues about where Helena might be hiding? I know she want’s to learn about herself but why can’t Cosima help her, Rachel is going to poison her little mind and a bad day will be had for many.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Who was your standout performance? Is Kira going to do what I think she’s going to? Let me know by leaving a comment or finding us on twitter!

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