Orphan Black: All of Season 5 in 60 Seconds

Orphan Black: All of Season 5 in 60 Seconds

By: Tom Gardiner
Orphan Black promo season 5

Yes, you’re tired of waiting. We’re all tired of waiting. But before you start making rude gestures like Sarah is doing, take solace in the fact that BBC America loves you. How do I know this? Because they’ve just released a video that shows the entirety of season 5 in just 60 seconds. Talk about a fast-food binge!

If you’re really fast with the pause, you can probably catch a lot of teasers and glimpses of the future. It’s all quite frenetic, but I find myself watching it over and over. This is a unique way to promote a show and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do something quite like this before. Breaking new ground is what Orphan Black does best.

From BBC America:

The clones have been through it all together. From assassinations, detrimental illnesses, monitors and accidental murders to suburban drug fronts, kidnappings, male clones and biological warfare – there isn’t anything this lot hasn’t experienced. But through it all, they’ve remained united in their love and mission to keep each other safe at all costs.  They’ve sacrificed their families, the loves of their lives, and any true sense of normalcy – all for the chance to liberate themselves from forces much bigger than any one of them. Now, they must all fight for the family they’ve chosen, for a new future and ultimately, for freedom.


Here’s several more links to Orphan Black season 5 goodies:

Want to see Sarah and Mika interacting in an amazing scene? Look here: Trading Places on Orphan Black: Sarah and Mika

Catch a previous sneak peek here: Orphan Black First-Look Scene: Helena’s Old Habits

If you haven’t seen the final trailer for the final season, you can find it here: Orphan Black: The Final Trailer

You should take the time to check out this: New Orphan Black Promo, Synopses for Eps 1, 2, & 3.

Still not enough? How about the very first full trailer for season 5? Find it here: Orphan Black – First Full Trailer for Season 5.

If that doesn’t hold you over until June 10, you’ll need to call a doctor. Just don’t try Dr. Leekie’s number, it’s a dead line.

Orphan Black’s 5th & final season premieres Saturday, June 10 at 10/9C on BBC America

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