San Diego Comic Con Weekly Round-Up

As May turns into June, we are now only 46 days out and can officially say that SDCC is NEXT MONTH!

** Insert Happy Dance Of Your Choice Here**

Now that we are past Memorial Day, the flood-gates for news and events  have opened and you can expect a bunch of news from now until July. I’m still going to skip out on Exclusives for now in the Weekly Round-Up, I’ll put those announcements up on their own to help keep it all sorted.  Let’s jump right in!

Image Credit: SDCC Unofficial Blog

First up! BADGES ARE BEING SENT, I repeat, badges are being sent! Some lucky attendees have already received them in their mail. In a change from last year, the badges this year are being shipped in a standard USPS padded envelop. Few notes here. Don’t worry if you haven’t received your email notification yet, think about how many badges have to be printed and mailed, they can’t do everything at once. Everyone will have their badge 3-4 weeks before SDCC hits. They do have a “badge shipping” tab in your CCI Member-ID page that you can check. Once you’ve received the email it’ll list the shipping date and tracking information for you. You’re getting more than just the badge in a white envelope. The padded envelope has a little collectible SDCC box; inside is your badge, a pin, and small booklet of information. The badges are being shipped from Michigan, not from San Diego, regardless of what the label says. The label also does say it’s from Comic Con International, which sadly isn’t the most non-descript way to send it. The box is small, it’s not much bigger than an iPhone so you don’t need to be too worried that it’s a huge box that won’t fit into a mail slot. International attendees who did not enter a US shipping address, you’ll have to wait a little longer to find out info for your badge pick up. There is no official word from Comic Con International, but I can’t imagine that international attendees won’t also be given the awesome little box and pin. NOTE: If you do not receive your badge after 10 business days of getting your email, you need to send an email to providing your full name and member ID to report your undelivered badge. (To go along with this, an extra “Pro Tip” of the week if you will, never ever share an image of your SDCC badge with your full name showing.)

Image Credit: Legion M (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Stan Lee will be at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood the day before SDCC for a party celebrating his exemplary career. Heading to the California area early for Comic Con? Tuesday July 18th at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood Stan Lee will be making an appearance and finally getting his hand-prints in cement at the iconic establishment. Fans are encouraged in joining this big celebration for Stan. You can attend the event ceremony but tickets are going to be extremely limited. It’s an unknown quantity of tickets available based upon outside factors, so tickets will be based upon a wait-list availability and priority is given first to Legion M investors. The order of the wait-list will be set up badge sale style (AKA lottery) for everyone who signs up on the list before midnight on June 18th, 2017. They offer a $350 VIP package and a $150 General Admission package. This will get you into a viewing area for the live ceremony of Stan creating the imprints and then an after party with Stan and Legion M in the theater itself. For more information on this event, check out the Legion M Official Website.

Want to paarrrty like a pirate? (See what I did there?) There is a “Pirate Con” happening Friday the 21st from 8pm-11pm over at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. The cost is $35 a ticket and it is a 21 and over event only. They’ll have a costume contest, photo booth, exclusive Funko Pop giveaway and more. The tickets are on sale now and you can pick yours up by checking out the San Diego Maritime Museum Website.

Image Credit: SD Maritime Museum

Image Credit: Marked Men Facebook Event

The Marked Men Party is returning to SDCC 2017, an annual party for fantasy and pirate fans alike. After taking a year break in 2016 they’ll be back at it for their 7th time throwing the event on Saturday July 22nd starting at 8pm and going through the night. It’s a Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean themed party on a boat! You’ll be on The Star of India tall ship (also at the Maritime Museum of San Diego) for this great event that features live music from the (cosplay) band Songhammer, fire dancing, costumes, and stunt sword fight show. They will also be featuring a costume contest and of course a cash bar with special fantasy drink specials for the evening. If you purchase during the early bird event you’ll save some dough, $50 for general admission or $100 for VIP. After the early bird sale ends the tickets go up to $75 and $150 respectively. A VIP ticket includes access to the “Captain’s Quarter” which has screen used props from Pirates and Game Of Thrones, as well as others, food, and a private upper VIP deck with it’s own VIP cash bar. This is a 21+ event and tickets are available through Eventbrite plus, they also have an official Facebook Event Page.

Image Credit: Eventbrite

The Comic Con Club Crawl, wanna really enjoy the night life scene that the historic Gas Lamp District of San Diego has to offer? You can grab tickets for this 21+ evening of partying throughout the Gas Lamp at the hottest places for either Friday night or Saturday night. You’ll meet up at 9:30pm at Analog Bar for a welcome shot to get you started off and your ticket to the rest of the evening. The tickets are $30 per person and you can purchase them on Eventbrite for Friday Night or Saturday Night. No SDCC badge required for this night of partying!

Image Credit: American Comedy Co

Hollywood Babble-On is a live podcast event brought to you by Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith. This weekly podcast covers celebrity and movie news but by the comedic minds of Garman and Smith. This has been a popular live podcast event in the past and no SDCC badge is required for it. Happening Friday, July 21st at 10pm at the American Comedy Co, a ticket can be yours for only $30 available by visiting the official American Comedy Co Website.

Underground Lightsaber Fighters Battle in Balboa Park. This free event will take place Saturday July 22nd at 8pm at the main fountain in Balboa Park and is hosted by the Underground Lightsaber Fighters of San Diego. You can just watch the epic lightsaber battles they put on or you can sign up to get in on the action yourself. There will also be various prizes available to attendees. No SDCC badge is necessary for this free event! Check out their Official Website and the Official Facebook Event Page to keep up to date with information.

And now for my “Pro-Tip” of the week! How will you be getting to San Diego for Comic-Con? If you’re like me, purchasing airfare before the event can seem like a daunting task. If you haven’t already purchased your airfare, get to looking now! Studies suggest that around 6 weeks out from your travel date is the best time to purchase airfare, as that’s when the prices will be lowest. Remember that it isn’t always the best route to go with the lowest ticket option, airlines like Spirit might offer low prices but they will charge you for the smallest of things. Some airlines offer free checked bags for all that SDCC swag you need to bring home and some will charge you for it. It’s also sometimes cheaper to book two 1-way flights instead of a round trip flight. Lots to factor in on how to get to San Diego for the big event, but start looking now if you haven’t already bought your airfare!

Heading to San Diego Comic-Con this summer? Let us know in a comment! We’d love to meet you there! 

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