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Sense8: One Last Goodbye

By: Michelle Harvey
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Ahhhh! I received the best worst news possible this afternoon. Nobody likes to hear that a show they hold near and dear to their hearts has be axed, especially not when that show originally aired on Netflix, who is known to be the savior of dead shows. I thought, hands down, if Netflix cancels something there is no hope, no God left for me to pray to. But let me tell you fellow my Sense8 Cluster, WE DID IT! Though we haven’t quite saved Sense8 in the same way Timeless was magically revived from the grave, we at least will have some conclusions. Because let’s face it, none of us were happy with the season 2 finale after realizing there would be NO answers about how things ended. See the letter from the shows’ creator here.

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In an announcement posted today, Netflix has agreed for a two hour finale, giving the fans a chance to see the story wrap up instead of just leaving us with that God forsaken cliff hanger of a season 2 finale. Though it might not be exactly the announcement I was hoping for about Sense8, it’s at least something and for that I am grateful. Though we are still losing the show overall, at least we don’t have to be stuck with that horrendous cliffhanger from the season 2 finale, and this cluster will find some type of closure.

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