War Is Coming in This 2nd Dark Matter Full Trailer

War Is Coming in This 2nd Dark Matter Full Trailer

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Forget winter, war is coming to the Dark Matter universe, at least according to this second full trailer from Syfy. And while everything we’ve seen so far in trailers and clips points to a war between Four/Ryo and his former crew mates, that might not be all. We learned at the end of season 2 that the new Emperor has plans to destabilize the uneasy atmosphere between the mega-corps.

War Is Coming in This 2nd Dark Matter Full TrailerRyo’s plans are to get all the corporate behemoths fighting among themselves while he sits back and waits to see who wins. Then he’ll attempt to take advantage of the battle-weakened victor and rule ALL THE THINGS! It’s a pretty clever plan in theory, but in practice it’s messy and will get a lot of innocent people killed.

This is definitely not the Four we knew before. He was never a bright ray of sunshine, but he was a far cry from the homicidal and power-hungry despot he’s seemed to become. All those bad memories have really turned him back into what he was before, and that ain’t good.

Hopefully, in the clip where Two says they need to kill Ishida Ryo, she’s got a plan to remove his old memories and restore our loving, scowling swordmaster. But knowing Two, she won’t hesitate to quite literally kill the man if he doesn’t stop blowing up innocent people. I’d hate to see Four/Ryo go, but he can’t be allowed to just run wild across the galaxy, and perhaps the multiverse. In the end, we may have to call Rick and Morty.

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