World Enough and Time: A Doctor Who Sneak Peek

World Enough and Time: A Doctor Who Sneak Peek

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t get enough of Missy. If ever a character from the Whoniverse deserved a spin-off, it’s Michelle Gomez’ Missy. Smart, snarky, fierce, and funny, Gomez lights up the screen whenever she’s on it, sometimes eclipsing even the Doctor. That’s no small feat for any character, but the Doctor’s best friend manages it with apparent ease.

The sneak peek below is naturally filled with spoilers, but if you’ve consciously made it this far you know what you’re in for. Missy, in a chance to prove her desire to change and be “good”, plays surrogate Doctor with Bill and Nardole in tow as her “plucky assistants”. It’s a fun bit of video that I’m sure will have you grinning as you watch.

Episode synopsis:

A huge spaceship trapped in the gravity well of a black hole, teeming with impossible lifeforms, harbors one of the Doctor’s most feared enemies… Mondasian Cybermen!

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