Angel season 11 #6 Angel vs Angelus – a review

By: Helena

angel cover #6 from Dark horseAngel and Fred/Illyria are traveling in time, at present (or rather not present) they are on a boat with Darla and Angelus. Complicated? Yeah just a bit. This review contains spoilers.

Writer: Corinna Bechko
Artist: Geraldo Borges
Colorist:Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist: Scott Fischer

Take a look at yourself

I guess even when you are two evil vampires busy looking for an evil scarab thingy you might still not expect running into a version of yourself from the future. This is what happens when Angelus and Darla come across another stowaway on the ship they are currently crossing the ocean in. This stowaway being Fred, who needs a bit of rescuing and out pops Angel. Confusion occurs and so does fighting. Fred and Angel manage to get away with the beetle thing that Darla was looking for. Only this beetle is not of the love me do kind. It is a head-biting-zombie-making insect.

As the Beatles are having a total nom nom nom feast on the ships inhabitants turning them all into zombies. Fred and Angel sneak away, Fred very smartly covering her head from bug bites. Fred asks Angel what happened next, he has after all been on the ship before as Angelus, even though that time he didn’t encounter himself from the future. Well it seems this question was relevant as Angel remembers that a bunch of pirates boarded the boat and set fire to it and it sank. Meanwhile Darla and himself had snuck over to the pirates boat and got into safety. They now ponder what to do about the the whole situation.

So whats up with the time travel?

Well I am not sure yet? The first arch of angel was dedicated to correcting Illyria’s past, now it is Angels turn. Although I am not sure what the zombies Vs Pirates has to do with it, I mean it is pretty funny ( although shouldn’t it be astronauts VS cavemen?). Will we perhaps step into Fred’s past next? I guess I just have to wait and see!

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