Dark Matter 309 Early Analysis: Past, Tense

Dark Matter 309 Early Analysis: Past, Tense

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Before you read any further, know that this post contains spoilers. I shouldn’t have to tell you this since the title does say “Early Analysis”, but I don’t want anyone stepping in something they weren’t prepared for. So let’s be clear – What you’re about to read is my take on this episode FROM THE FUTURE! Seriously, it’s like I traveled to this Friday, watched the episode, traveled back to now, and drooled all over my keyboard while telling you how awesome it’s going to be.

So, one last warning: Stop right here if you don’t want to see hazy shadows of the future. For the rest of you, let’s geek out!

If you’ve seen the “next time” promo, the preview clip, and the photo gallery for Dark Matter 309 you have a fair idea of the basic plot. The Blink Drive self-initiated somehow and transported the Raza back through time to approximately the present day. One cool thing about this is that during the episode you’ll get an idea of what year the Dark Matter universe is (usually) set in. That’s not an important point for enjoying the show, but I think most fans want to know exactly when in the future our crew exist. We’re nerds like that.

Notice I didn’t say the Blink Drive taking the Raza through time is cool. It is cool, but after you’ve jumped to alternate universes and looped through time it’s nothing new or even unexpected. Just like episode 304’s time looping, what is cool is what the episode does with the situation – It has fun! After all, isn’t that what time travel is for? Dark Matter is proving itself to be a master of taking existing tropes and making them its own by putting new spins on expected situations.

Joe Mallozzi has described this episode as “Back To The Future meets Stranger Things” and that’s a spot-on description. The crew are trying to get back to their own time, there’s a mysterious figure, and a bunch of meddling kids on bikes. I even felt a strong Scooby Doo vibe from this episode. Like, zoinks, man!

Look for many hilarious fish-out-of-water moments from everyone as they learn to navigate the Earth of today. Some are more adept at fitting in than others – you might be surprised at who has the easiest time of it. All said, it’s a great combination of story elements that make for one of the series’ best episodes to date. It also sets in motion elements that will propel the story through season 3 and beyond.

While it helps to be a regular viewer, the trope of “people from the future stuck in the past” is treated in a way that anyone could enjoy. All you’d need to know is this: These people are from the future, stuck in the past (our present day), and one of them is an android. After that, you’re set to enjoy an hour of how our extra-terrestrial strangers get their things back to the future.

If you enjoyed gazing into my hazy crystal ball, then check out Aimee Hicks’ post at SpoilerTV: Dark Matter – Isn’t That A Paradox – Advance Preview: “Back To The Past”. There you can find even more teasery tidbits to tickle your curiousity.

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