Dark Matter Digest S3 July 9: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

Dark Matter Digest S3 July 9: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

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It was only a couple of weeks ago we found ourselves looping and jumping through time with Three, Adrian, and Android. This week, Joe experienced some time-bending of his own, we revisited Robert C. Cooper’s culinary talents, and we looked ahead to the next episode.

Frankly, I’m not sure if we need to get back to the future or remain where we are and become time bandits. Whatever we do, I’m sure we’ll have excellent adventures time after time, even if our safety is not guaranteed. It’s almost like I’ve experienced this many times before. I seem to recall an experiment in Philadelphia when suddenly I heard the sound of thunder, then everything changed.

Okay, I’ll put myself in time-out now while you’ll remain free to enjoy this week in the world Dark Matter.


Sunday started out with a funny story about Joe’s mother and a book that definitely wasn’t her style. From what I gather, it’s not exactly light reading or family-friendly – and it’s definitely NSFW. But it has a fairly innocuous cover with only a few words that hint at its true subject matter. I can see how it could easily be mistaken for something more pedestrian.

It’s not a Sunday, or any other day on Joe’s blog, without food. Robert C. Cooper, the man with a pizza oven I would commit crimes to own, grilled up a boatload of sausages that humorously, and perhaps unintentionally, tied it to the book story. It wasn’t just a sausage party, though. Rob made a number of tasty treats that words cannot do justice. You’ll have to head over to see those beautiful pictures of food, glorious food.


Dark Matter Digest S3 July 9: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

(Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi)


If you can’t get enough Dark Matter and stories like it, you should check out Joe’s book recommendations. Today, he focused on books that are similar in tone to our favorite show. I’m not going to lie, every one of them sounds interesting. As a fan of the show, I think you’ll agree.


Joe made an interesting discovery today. A temporal anomaly exists inside a certain FedEx office. You can live out a lifetime in line while the rest of the universe only passes a few minutes. I’d check it out, but only if time ran the other way. I’d want to go in and have years pass in the outside world. Maybe by then there’d be conveniences like smartphones with batteries that last longer than a day. That’s all I really want. That, and a damn fine cup of coffee.

Back in normal spacetime, Joe, Akemi, the dogs, and all their worldly possessions are about to make a more permanent move to Toronto. One small hitch, they don’t actually have a place in Toronto yet. Yeah, that’s going to be awkward when the movers ask for a delivery address.

ALSO: More food! (I just know he’s doing this because I’m on a diet.)

Dark Matter Digest S3 July 9: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

(Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi)


Today brought news of Dark Matter’s presence at San Diego Comic Con offering the time and place for the show panel. On Thursday, July 20th you need to be in Room 6DE by 8:15 because that’s when and where it’ll be held. If you’re going, do not miss the panel – they’re always absolutely hilarious.

Presented for your perusal were some previews, promos, and sneak peeks into episode 306, “One Last Card To Play”. Joining in was a link to the After Dark episode for season 3, episode 5. If you haven’t checked out this after-show you really should. It’s a fun, relaxed look into each episode with the only fault being they’re just too short for this rabid fan. I need more than 10 minutes, but am grateful for anything.


The upcoming episode 306 meant we’re already nearing the halfway mark for season 3. (IKR?) This meant it’s now crunch time and the call of duty was sent out by Joe to the fans. In this entry, he offered all the ways you as a fan and viewer can help to increase the chances of a season 4 pick-up. In case you didn’t know, Dark Matter was planned as a 5 season show with a real, proper, satisfying ending. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see the ending. My fingers are blistered from all the cliff-hanging I’ve done with shows that didn’t get to finish their stories. We will not let that happen to the Raza crew!

Reading on you could find links to interviews, previews, and a sneak peek from Parade.com. That seems like an odd place for an exclusive clip, but I’ll take whatever I can get. Sometimes that’s not too much, but we fans remain vocal on social media, keeping Dark Matter in the forefront of genre fans’ minds.

That’s the great thing about fans – they keep the positive energy flowing with nothing more than enthusiasm and love for their favorite shows. We don’t need no stinkin’ trailers, but we REALLY like it when there are some. Even one. We’re demanding, but also very easy to please. We love it when the love flows both ways, y’know?

Dark Matter Digest S3 July 9: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

(Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi/Prodigy Pictures)


 It was all hands on deck with “One Last Card To Play” airing on Syfy and Space. Watching, streaming, chatting up the show on social media and around the watercooler is more important now than ever. This was another fantastic episode and it, like the series itself, deserves recognition, especially stuff the networks can see. So be loud, be proud, watch the episode and be wowed. Thankyouverymuch.


Another great Friday night brought another round of positive reviews on Saturday. “One Last Card To Play” was Dark Matter at its best – blindsiding us with surprises while at the same time filling in the gaps of previous shockers. It also proved how practical time travel, or even brief glimpses of the future, can be.

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