Dark Matter Review: Hot Chocolate

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So we all love The Android, but clearly something is up with her and “Hot Chocolate” finally brings us some conclusion on that. What good is it to have an Android for your ship and crew if she’s defective or malfunctioning? “Hot Chocolate” not only has the best title of this entire season, but we also get the most bad-ass fight sequence. Even if you aren’t part of the Raza Crew, this is an episode that will please just about any fan of sci-fi, something that Dark Matter excels amazingly well with.

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Six is back on board to stay, thank goodness, but his bleeding heart still wants to help these independent colonies get on their feet and make a stand against the many blood thirsty corporations fighting in this war. Though there are tensions between the colony leaders, and it’s evident there is some bad blood there, it genuinely seems that they want to do the right things for their people. Which is all well and good until one of the delegates doesn’t wake up. If this group of delegates can’t even trust each other how are they ever going to work together to bring freedom for their colonies? With one of them now dead, this has just set back any chance they had of working together to overcome the major corporations. Six decides to keep the delegates on board and as safe as he can while they investigate the malfunctions the ship seems to be having.

Poor Android, she’s been hacked and is now helping an unknown force take over the ship, turning on her crew. I really feel like with the kind of technology it takes to even have an Android, it should be super freaking difficult to hack into one, but someone has managed to do it and that will cause issues for the Raza Crew. Luckily Sarah is able to identify that the Android has been tampered with and reaches out to Five to warn her that something is wrong, which gives Five just enough time to get a head start on the intruders. It’s of course Ryo, who will never become Four again, not at this rate anyway. It’s pretty impressive that one of his hackers gained control of the Android, but Five and Sarah are a great team with better intentions backing them.

Image Credit: Syfy

Image Credit: Syfy

Ryo takes Two and Three prisoner, but Two puts up one hell of a fight. We finally are able to have at least some gratification with Ryo getting his ass kicked. This fight sequence is not to be missed and I’m not sure we will ever see another as amazing or satisfying. Sure, Two doesn’t overtake him in the end, but oh it is glorious to watch Two put him in his place. Six and the delegates are met by Ryo, who promises them that if they join The League of Autonomous Worlds, he will back their cause and grant their freedom. Six knows this is a dirty deal, but you can’t expect a hungry horse to be offered a carrot and not at least be tempted to take a bit. Not only does Ryo worm his way onto the Raza to take back the blink drive, but by invading now he also has the chance to rally more towards his cause.

In the end, Five and Sarah are able to stop Ryo’s hacker, though not super easily. He’s a good hacker and even tracks Five’s location down. With Sarah’s digital consciousness also able to help, they are finally able to trap the hacker inside of his own mind, forever. Which seems like a harsh sentence, but at this point, Ryo is putting all his cards on the table, so I feel it justified, if slightly cruel. We cant have the Android being hacked left and right every time Ryo wants a go at his former crew.

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Ryo doesn’t come out completely empty handed though, sure the blink drive is still shot, and he doesn’t have it in his possession, but he ends up with 12 new allies in the form of independent colonies joining his league. It’s sad that Ryo is so hell bent on ending the Raza, especially now that he knows the blink drive is out of his reach. Why continue to go after them? But he is the one making that choice so when hell fire rains upon him and the Raza crew bands together, I won’t feel bad that he’s left in the dust. Okay, I might feel a little bad, but that’s because I’m nostalgic and I want Four back!

Once again Dark Matter hits it entirely out of the ballpark with “Hot Chocolate.” Season 3 has been so good that it really is difficult to pick out which episodes are the best, because all of them have been so good. It makes to sad that we’re coming up on the ending of season 3 and that makes me start the rally to Syfy. Season Four has not yet been announced, so please Raza Crew, make sure you’re watching the episodes live, sharing with your friends, letting SyFy Chanel know that you HAVE to see what Season 4 will bring, and interact on social media with other fans of the show!

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