Killjoys: Lion, Witch And A Cool Warlord – Preview

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Backstory, backstory, backstory — how we love it so. Well, in Friday’s episode of Killjoys, “The Lion, The Witch & The Warlord,” we’re going to get a very interesting backstory from one of our characters, a backstory that will not only seem at odds with who the character is now, but one that is a lot of fun to walk through. There will be love, hate, betrayal and more than a little bit of passion involved as Dutch and the gang keep putting one foot in front of the other on the road to war with the Hullen.

In short, a warlord will be uncovered in the midst of all that is going on with our fateful crew. And you’ll be shocked at who it is and the unique look they bring to that particular part of their past life. Oh, it’s brutally fun, my friends.

As it turns out, we are set on that path by some nice betrayal involving Johnny, a bar firefight, and a quick escape. Johnny’s “killing” of Delle Seyah hasn’t gone unnoticed and there are now people on his trail looking to serve some “justice.” But it’s not to kill him, it’s to capture. It does appear that someone or something has plans for our beloved Johnny, but what they are and from whom, well, you’ll see.

The battle for the Quad is coming and while the Hullen move ever closer to that battle, Dutch, D’Avin, and Johnny remain committed to finding the resources and manpower they’ll need to wage this war. Friday’s episode is going to bring a little clarity to how they plan to do it and with whom, which offers us a nice little turn in the tale. As it turns out, the battle will start right at home.

Fortunately, Friday’s episode will put some pieces in place that perhaps indicate the tide is about to turn in our favor. As always, there are twists and turns, but by episode’s end, we feel that perhaps there’s a little more reason for optimism. Oh, our new nerd Zephyr offers her own little surprise that brings us another possible tool in the coming battle. And, of course, we get a little taste of the crazy that is Aneela. In the end, she becomes aware of a little connection formed with one of our troops that is a nice surprise and offers plenty of potential moving forward.

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