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Marvel – Thor: Ragnarok #SDCC trailer

Thor: Ragnarok, the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie will be out November 3rd!

Thor is talking to someone at the beginning of  this trailer and it appears to be a confused Bruce Banner.  He seems to have been in some sort of colosseum and used as a fighter while stuck in the form of The Hulk.  Thor seems to be explaining to Bruce how he got there.  At one point, Thor tells him that they had a fight recently.  When Bruce asks him if he won, Thor tells him “no, I won, easily.” I love Bruce’s response, “that doesn’t sound right”.  And of course there is a clip of The Hulk throwing Thor through a wall.  I’m thinking that Thor didn’t actually win that fight.

During Thor’s story, he tells Bruce that he recently lost his hammer and that he is on a journey of self discovery.  Did Thor end up rescuing Bruce Banner/The Hulk and then calming him enough so that he could become Bruce again?

Ragnarok is the eternal cycle of death and rebirth for the Asgardians.  Sounds like Thor is gearing up for an epic battle.  The goddess of death has invaded Asgaard and Thor is putting together a team to stop her.

It looks like Loki will be teaming up with his brother, it will be fun to see them work together.

Here is the trailer that was released this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con.


Here is a screenshot of what looks like will be Thor’s team.  The only one I am not familiar with is the woman. She is Valkyrie, she starts off on the side of the bad guys, but clearly moves over to the side of the good guys.

Look at Hulk!


Looks like Thor will be having quite the transformation!!




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