NEW Dark Matter S3 Trailer: Death & Pie in Suburbia

By: Tom Gardiner
Dark Matter promo syfy

A new trailer for the back half of Dark Matter season 3 has just been released and it’s got some surprises inside. If you think the title of this post is confusing, just watch the trailer and you’ll be doubly confused. Seriously, there are things in there I never thought I’d see in the show. (You think I’d know better by now!)

Taking the trailer as a whole, the second half of the season looks as if it will focus on the tension between our crew and Ryo. There’s some uncomfortable socializing and lots of inconvenient truths being bandied about. And by “inconvenient truths” I mean threats of death and stuff. Those things are pretty much expected on Dark Matter, but just like an infomercial, there’s more!

The Raza is going to Terra Prime, more commonly known as Earth. Yes, they’ve been to Earth before to tango with Alexander Rook and his smarmy evil ways, but this trip is different. For one, there’s pie involved, so you know Three will be taking point on the dessert front. There’s also a very present-day-looking setting which hints at maybe an alternate universe, time travel, or something even weirder. Just watch, then grab yourself a slice of pie. You know you want one.

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