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Orphan Black Review: Let The Children And Childbearers Toil


Damn Orphan Black, talk about an emotionally tense episode! “Let the Children and Childbearers Toil” is a very accurate description for what our Sestra’s are up against this week. It’s clear that Neolution on PT Westmoreland’s end is a whole new ballpark and they’re learning how to navigate within that. But there’s only so much time left on this final trip, with so much still to accomplish. This season also has the Sestra’s all over, so we’re seeing huge support come from their families/friends, bringing the Clone Club together even while they’re all apart.

Mrs. S kicks total ass in this episode, as per usual for her. Though she doesn’t have access to her old network, she is still resourceful and with the help of her new informant, Delphine, much is learned this week. Sarah is still concerned for Kira, and rightfully so. The kid pulled a knife out last episode and it was unclear on if she was going to turn into a tiny animal killer or harm someone else with it. Rachel might not be beating Kira, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t hurting her in other ways. There is still some major tension between Kira and Sarah that they both need to deal with somehow. Sarah discovers a large cut on Kira’s arm, assuming it was Rachel’s work an argument breaks out about what to do now. Kira admits to cutting her own arm open, she insists it doesn’t hurt but she wanted to find out how long it would take to heal. Mrs. S decides to step in, plus she’s got something up her sleeve. Felix will take Kira to school and then have her over for a sleep over with a special guest. They’ve got 3 days until her next Dyad visit with Rachel but they need more information about PT Westmoreland. With the help of Scott and Delphine she’s got a lead but she and Sarah will be on a deadline to check it out.

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Sarah and Mrs. S head out to a bar to have a mother/daughter drink and while they’re out just so happen to bump into a Dr. Elizabeth Perkins. Dr. Perkins also happens to have an appointment at a secured psychiatric facility the next day. Sarah and Mrs. S are there to grab her identification so they can show up to that facility a bit earlier than expected. Delphine has let slip that there is a high level Neolution defector being kept there, and that’s at least one step closer to finding out more about PT. After a bit of theatrics and playing off Dr. Perkin’s own troubled history with her daughter, the bad ass mother/daughter duo are successful in getting what they need.

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They have a bit of time to kill on the drive out to the facility, so Sarah decides to make a quick pit stop at a certain convent in the area. We finally get to see Helena again! The two share a bonding moment over being special and sisters and understanding what makes them different. Kira’s connection to all the clones isn’t something Sarah quite understands, but she knows Helena does. Sarah talks about the connection she felt with Kira while she was dying on the island, and asked if that is what it’s like. Helena is ready to kill Rachel and PT and anyone else who is after them, but Sarah insists she is going to stay safe and just raise her babies. It’s a moment long coming for these two, yes they’ve both tried to kill each other in the past but they’ve also learned so much from each other and neither would be who they are now without the other. Helena suggests talking to Kira about everything they have been through and have lost because of Neolution and Rachel. Sarah can’t shield her forever and it’s better if she at least knows their background. Great parenting advice that you don’t necessarily expect to come out of Helena’s mouth.

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Mrs. S is still keeping Sarah in the dark about who this new informant close to PT is but also about who is being kept in the facility. After conning the front desk clerk to check them in so they can begin touring the place, the two immediately head to a ward they aren’t allowed in to talk to a patient they aren’t supposed to. Mrs. S reminds Sarah to keep her cool but she just can’t when it’s realized that the patient is actually Dr. Virginia Coady. Seems she’s not on the best terms with camp Neolution at the moment after Castor failed and now she’s gotten herself locked up attached to a downer-drip all day long, out of it basically 24/7. Mrs. S pulls her IV line and injects her with adrenaline, they don’t have long but they might have enough time to get something out of her. Of course being the snake that she is, she only wants to give up information in exchange for help. She tells Sarah that Susan Duncan had her placed here after the Castor incident, they share a similar vision of moving the human race forward through genetics but didn’t always agree on the risks associated with that. She tells them about a genetically special boy child, early on. The science was crude and the experiments didn’t always work, but that they ended up creating a monster. After being questioned on what exactly PT was trying to do she refuses to answer anything else. Not unless they get her out of there. Of course this is exactly when Mrs. S and Sarah are discovered by the facilities lead doctor who is going to escort them out. After a bit of a commotion Coday is able to snatch the “visitor” badge off of Sarah, which seems like it’ll be at least a step closer to getting her out of there.

Back at Felix’s loft the surprise guest has arrived after Kira fell asleep, it’s none other than Adele, his sister. Turns out she’s pretty good at following money patterns and laundering trails. Mrs. S filled her in on what’s happening in their little club and how they need to work together, as a family, if they’re going to stand a chance against PT Westmoreland. Sarah agrees with Mrs. S call and even if Felix isn’t very happy about it, if he can be of use with Adele in Sweden trying to track down Neolution in this way, he’s not going to say no. Yeah he wants to have a relationship with her, but he also wanted to keep her safe. I am excited to see some Adele/Felix Neolution hunting adventures. With what is going to be an intense back half of the season their comic relief will be insanely necessary.

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Over at Camp-Culty, Cosima is beginning to believe Sarah’s warning about something being in the woods. Early on in the episode Charlotte and her friend end up venturing into the woods after Daisy, one of the Revival’s pigs. They hear some scary sounds and see that something has attacked Daisy. Mud comes rushing after them scolding them for leaving the camp and warning them that there is a bear in the woods. Charlotte is a sharp kid though and notices a strange tooth on the ground, she pockets it to show Cosima later. Cosima takes a look and it’s definitely no bear. She confronts Mud who refuses to talk about it and becomes visibly upset. Something is going on here and you know Cosima isn’t going to stop until she learns more. We see Mud being questioned by the security team about the bear again and she storms off towards the house. Cosima follows her in and starts sneaking about the house. In the basement she comes across a scary looking torture room, but whatever was kept in there has definitely escaped. Zombie Clone in the woods is totally human experimenting gone wrong, I knew it. AND Camp Cult-y is keeping Zombie Clone under wraps. This is why you don’t take the pills Charlotte, the science might be awesome but there have to be limits somewhere. Mud discovered Cosima and throws her out of the house, she doesn’t want either of them to get into trouble and she’s scared that will be the case. Cosima doesn’t relent though and later follows Mud into the woods, she’s taking supplies out to Zombie Clone. She’s nervous of Zombie Clone but this clearly isn’t the first time she’s left supplies for and seen Zombie Clone.

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Susan Duncan and PT have a little chat about where his research is going and that she’s alive because he needs her. Ira has finally arrived and though he isn’t the happiest about finding out Susan and PT have a past, she is willing to work with him again. They might not agree on how the science is achieved, but their end vision is the same, just like Coady. Ira doesn’t seem sold but it’s not really his call. Susan and PT share a drink over their new agreement. Susan has unrestricted access to everything Rachel is working on, but Rachel is still in charge.

It was an intense hour for the Sestra’s tonight. Each episode is only going to get more intense as we build up to a final resolution for our beloved Clone Club members. I certainly hope we get more of Mrs. S and Sarah teaming up, their execution was flawless. I expect great things to come of Felix and Adele too.  What did you think of tonight’s episode? Who is Zombie Clone? Who was your standout performance? Let me know by leaving a comment or finding us on twitter!

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