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Orphan Black Review: Manacled Slim Wrists

Orphan Black promised us a wild ride for this final trip, and so far this season has not been a disappointment. “Manacled Slim Wrists” ups the game once more with things falling apart at the island and Camp Culty, and the Clone Club getting closer to whatever final resolution will come. Cosima finds herself an unlikely ally in a time of need and Krystal just continues to surprise us all with how spot on she can be, while also being completely clueless at the same time. I don’t know what’s in store for the Sestras over the next few episodes, but we’re halfway through the Final Trip and there is still a lot to be discovered.

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Krystal, believing that one of the big cosmetic companies poisoned her friend/vlog partner turns up at the Rabbit Hole to tell Art. Deciding that it’s a big corporate company trying to scare them into silence, she’s determined to get to the bottom of it. Krystal always manages to just stumble upon these big breaks, and always at the right time. She is such a fantastic character to watch, totally unaware of the big picture but right on track when it comes to helpful information for the group. Turns out the Dyad has been purchasing multiple cosmetic companies over the last few weeks, and we need to find out why. Krystal has a contact in the industry, who interestingly enough has just sold his company to Dyad. Sarah and Art plan to meet with him, Sarah playing Krystal of course. But Krystal has other ideas and decides to take point on the questioning. Though she isn’t as graceful as Sarah, she does end up finding out that Dyad is on the hunt for a new cellular delivery system. What is truly terrifying is that this could be happening in big pharma and cosmetic companies today and I don’t think many of us would be any the wiser. Essentially Dyad wants an easy and non-intrusive way to spread goodness only knows what easily into the public.

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Kira was scheduled to go into Dyad for another appointment but with the help of Sarah and Mrs. S pulls a fast one on them, and is able to buy herself some more time at home. Though they still don’t know exactly what the plan for Kira is, Delphine passed along that it’ll be happening soon. And honestly whatever is good for Rachel and good for Dyad isn’t really all that good for the rest of Clone Club, so they have every right to be worried.

Cosima has really dug herself a hole here on the island of doctor creep-o and her one friend in Camp Cult there doesn’t seem to be up for helping her. After getting into with PT Westmoreland last week and getting herself locked up in the scary ass basement jail cell, Cosmia’s odds aren’t looking too great at the moment. Mud seems to want to befriend her, but she’s also a bit too trained with the cult mindset. Cosmia instead finds an unlikely ally in Susan Duncan. Susan knows that Cosmia’s mind shouldn’t be wasted, especially over something trivial like PT getting butt hurt that Cosmia was able to easily identify gene Lin-28A and what he is looking for. With the surprise of Virginia Coday being invited back to the island, Susan has a lot to think about. She might have the same goal as PT but she isn’t willing to cross the ethical line he doesn’t even see. Susan and Ira come up with a plan to get off the island with Cosima and Charlotte but things go awry when the campers begin to demand questions.

PT has been bleeding children, giving himself their young blood in order to help extend his life. He’s dying, and he doesn’t know what to do to stop it. Tensions are already high in the camp as Zombie Clone killed some of their own last week and now a child, who was supposedly getting better, is also dead. Ira and Cosima are able to convince Mud to help them out, she can leave the island with them and go find her parents. We get to see a little further into her backstory and how she arrived at the island, and though she is willing to help out she really has been too well trained by PT. Susan plans on slipping in a large dose of morphine into the plasma transfusion Ira releases Cosima and gives her evidence against PT, to have for safe keeping. He really does seem to be glitching and I don’t think that he realizes just how bad that will be when it happens. Cosima is out of there so fast and on her way to grab supplies. She can’t and won’t leave without Charlotte or the cure necessary for her sisters.

Unfortunately, with tensions high in the camp, the campers are starting to turn on their founder. They don’t want to let Charlotte leave from the other children and they question why Cosima is taking things and trying to leave. She has to spill the beans that PT has been lying all this time to them, and that he’s not really 170 years old nor is he trying to find the fountain of youth. They begin to riot and Charlotte and Cosima are able to get to the boat house where they await for Susan, Ira and Mud. Back at the house, Mud has a change of heart and tells Coady that Susan is trying to kill PT, the punishment for which is her own death. Stapped into her wheelchair with the overdose drip of morphine placed into her arm instead. Ira later finds her and at this point it’s very clear he is having issues and isn’t going to make it that much longer.

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Back with the other group, Rachel shows up at the house to collect Kira. They want to begin harvesting her eggs immediately and she needs hormone treatments for that to happen. Sarah is out for the night, with Art as they tried to get information about why Dyad was buying cosmetic companies, and Mrs. S can’t exactly stop them. Kira agrees to go and tells Mrs. S in a cryptic message, “don’t worry and tell mom I’ll continue to write my story.” Even if she ends up in the grasp of Dyad she should be able to communicate what is happening and what she needs to be rescued. Guess it was a good thing to include Kira into the bigger picture after all, she won’t be a child forever and she needs to be able to protect herself.

Things are only going to get crazier from here my friends. Small things are starting to wrap themselves up as we approach the final leg of this trip, but there is still so much left to be uncovered.

Image Credit: BBC America

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