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Outlander: Sam Heughan Chats on His Castiversary

Sam Heughan took a quick 30 minutes – and it sure felt like it passed in a flash – to chat with fans on Twitter this afternoon.

Q Happy anniversary being cast as JAMMF! Do you own the rights to your audition tapes? If so will you share with us OL fans?
A I actually saw them recently. Gabs sent them to me. Spooky… black hair Jamie!

Q Are there any stunt or action scenes for you in your new project? (The Spy Who Dumped Me)
A It’s an “action comedy”!!! I love stunts…

Q One word to describe Jamie in Season 3?
A He’s anyone BUT JAMMF…

Q I’m coming to ComicCon. Can you save me a seat in the panel room?
A Ask @jennadewan !? (Jenna Dewan Tatum, the moderator for the Outlander panel)

Q Is it true – did you get your hair cut?
A Maybe, maybe no. Movie magic?!

Q Will you do another Barbour event in NYC?
A Working on it! Can’t wait for you to see my Barbour collection for Autumn/Winter this year!

Q How do you spend your time on long plane flights, sleep/read/study scripts?
A Sleep. It’s a great opportunity to catch up! And maybe a wee dram…

Q Do you have anything else in the pipeline but the Spy moving going?
A So many projects, in different fields, exciting but hard to keep it up!

Q (unavailable)
A I wanted to stay, had planned to but unfortunately had to leave, only saw zebras (cool!) and springbok (wandered onto our set!)

Q Have you talked to Caitriona lately?
A Who?

Q What accent are you using for Spy movie?
A Hungarian.

Q What are you craving right now?
A Sipping on an April Spritz…,mmmm

thanks to Nipuna for posting!

Q Did you actually get seasick while filming S3?
A Afraid not… But pretending to throw up raw eggs quite a few times can set someone off!
A (from Nick Rasenti) pfft he did. Ask the bucket on the ship deck, he tells a different story.
A Didn’t you play the bucket?

Q Would love to hear you narrate an audiobook! Is that something you would consider?
A Already done! @CassieClare #ShadowhunterAcademy

Q Your FIRST thought on learning that you had been cast as Jamie Fraser?
A I was overjoyed and didn’t realise what a wonderful adventure it’d be. So so lucky.

Q Anymore tennis games coming up with Caitriona? But you can’t cheat next time.
A Table tennis? I’d have to let her win… 🙂

Q What’s it like working with Kate McKinnon? Does she keep you lol?
A She’s SO cool and funny! What a pro.

Q Turtle soup or print shop?
A Wait and see…

Q Would you ever consider an interview/experience with Bear Grylls?
A Where do I sign up?

Q Does the next Barbour campaign have pups? How have you managed not to steal one? 12/10 would dognap!
A I’m still trying! Would love one!

Q Any bruises or injuries filming the Spy movie?
A Nothing major… Risky business though!

Q Do you like Star Wars?
A Do you?! More Star Trek…

Q Waiting for @SamHeughan to notice my friends like…
A Well…. where are they?!

Q Can you do a handstand?
A Actually, I’ve been learning but at the moment no, I’m rubbish! Unless against the wall…

Q Are you ready for the SoCal heat?
A I CANNOT wait!!!!! So excited for ComicCon!!!!

Q Ever been jalouse at Caitriona Balfe?
A I’m like ALWAYS totally ja-louse. ;p

Q Are you dancing at the My Peak Challenge peakers event?
A Who’s asking? I’m dancing.

Q Have you ever wanted to play Shakespeare?
A I have in the past and would love to be back on stage.

Q I’d think you would fit right into Game of Thrones… would you be up for it?
A What character? And could they film in Scotland?

Q Dream meal?
A Right now I’ve been craving Mexican! Margartias!

Q Did you ever think that MPC would reach so many people in the world like it’s reaching now?
A So so happy, with the research projects we’ve funded and the community and support people give each other. More to do!!!

Q If you could be on a reality show, which would you do?
A The Bachelorette

Q Steven Cree would be so jealous unless you picked him.
A Very quiet from Mr. Cree tonight – suspicious!

A Somewhere they’d have trouble letting you in.
A (Cree) Ah yes, I get. So we could just cut to the chase and head straight home. Good thinking.

Q When are you starting to film season 4?
A This fall…

Q Wasn’t the water too cold in the scene where you have to hid in the river?
A VERY cold… ahem

Q Did you watch Valbo on TV?
A Hehehe I loved watching him in pain. 😉

Q Thank you for always being so gracious.
A No THANK YOU!!! You are all amazing.

Q (Rosie Day) Where can I buy some whale?
A I know a guy. No cash. Credit only. xxxx

SAM: Okay I have to go! I’m sorry! Early call AM. Thank you for your questions. I’ll do another on way to SDCC! Great to hear from you all. Good night!

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