Outlander: San Diego Comic-Con Trading Card Bonus!

You may have gathered by now that I’m crazy about the Outlander Trading Cards. They’re gorgeous, they’re fun, they’re addictive… and OMG, they’re going to be at SDCC. Well, promo cards, at least. Recently, George Nadeau of Cryptozoic announced that a special promo card would be given away at the convention – this makes 9. And we all went crazy.

And today, quietly, in the company’s blog, they announced that they would sell a special three-pack of promo cards – two exclusive SDCC promos and a third “rare” card! Here’s the official info:

At Cryptozoic, we’re just as excited about Outlander as everyone else at Comic-Con. So, we will be giving out free Outlander Promo Cards at our Booth #115 Thursday through Sunday in anticipation of the release of our Outlander Season 2 Trading Cards, scheduled to be released on August 9. Fans can also purchase our exclusive SDCC Outlander two-card Preview Set. Each set will include also a third card—a rare promo card—as a bonus. We hope to see lots of Outlander fans there!

The card on the left is the P9, which will be handed out at the booth, and the two on the right are what I’m assuming are the cards in the pack. Card packs will be $11 each, including tax, with a limit of 10 per person per day (if there are leftovers on Sunday, there will be no limit). The bonus card in each pack will be promo cards from Season 1 and Season 2, possibly including P7s and P8s, and some lucky packs will have S2 autograph cards!

Season 2 Trading Cards are due out August 9. We still have a couple of boxes available for pre-order – you can do that here.

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