Plus Ultra! ‘My Hero Academia’ Dubs Return Plus A Giveaway

By: Robert Prentice
Funimation My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is by far the best new anime of 2016. Season 2 lived up to the first season and has been full of hero action. Funimation was simuldubbing the episodes the same day they came out in Japan for the first half of season 2. The second half of the season Funimation is dubbing the episodes 2 weeks behind the Japanese airing. While fans were bummed they had to wait 2 weeks, lets all remember what it used to be like to wait for dubs prior to Funimation’s ambitious dubbing idea. Instead of months or even years, we get dubbed new episodes within weeks of airing overseas.

Season 2 started us off with the sports festival at school. It brought us one of the most intense fights of the series to date between Deku and Todoroki. Now each of the students is off interning at various hero agencies to get some real world experience. But does this class really need it after they fought those villains in season 1? Well All Mights former mentor thinks so and he is now testing Deku.

So we decided we should celebrate the return of the dubs with a giveaway for fans. How many of you were at San Diego Comic Con 2 weeks ago? Did any of you check out the convention exclusive pop Funko for My Hero Academia? It was the Funko Pop of Ochaco Masked!

We have 2 to giveaway to fans of the show to celebrate the return of the dubs! How do you enter? Enter below using Facebook, Twitter or Leave a comment answering the following question: If you could have a quirk what would it be and what would your hero name be?. Note: Open to US resident only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We can’t wait to see your answers. Be sure to tune in to the latest episode of My Hero Academia over at Funimation.com

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