Ready Player One

Ready Player One #SDCC Trailer

One of the early quotes from Ready Player One, “A world were the limits of reality are your own imagination.” is a great way to describe the way people live in this movie.

Ernest Cline’s 2011 book about a dystopian world in 2044 where life is so hard that it is better to spend time in the OASIS, a virtual reality world.  The creator of this game has died and left behind a competition to find a series of easter eggs.  The winner will inherit his fortune and the corporation responsible for OASIS, Gregarious Games.  The story follows a teenager named Wade Watts as he works through the challenges provided to find each easter egg.  There is of course a villian.  The multinational corporation Innovative Online Industries (IOI) has an army of gamers searching for the final easter egg too, hoping to take control of the OASIS.  This book and movie are full of 80’s pop culture. It will be a ton of fun finding all the 80’s easter eggs all throughout the movie.  With Steven Spielberg directing we should feel confident to enjoy an exciting adventure when the movie comes out in 2018.

Here is the new trailer seen this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con.

I’m also looking forward to the music that will be in this movie, I predict it will be similar to the awesome music from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies!

Did you see any 80’s pop culture references in the trailer?

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