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Teen Wolf Final Season Trailer, aka WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

By: Alison Sky Richards
San Diego Comic Con 2017 teen wolf

Have you seen the Teen Wolf first trailer for the Final Season (6B) yet? If you haven’t, this entire post is going to be one big spoiler so just stop what you’re doing right now and click on the video.

I’ll wait for you to finish screaming at the computer now… just get it all out. Let it flow.

Better?  Ok, let’s disect this thing point by point.

Returning Teen Wolf Characters

How many did you count?  So far I have:

Kate & Gerard Argent 


Why are these two not dead yet?!




Derek & Stiles 

Dude, I’m not a Sterek shipper and I’m even all over this moment!

and finally, Ethan & Jackson.

Now this? This ship I will go down with.

Now where are Isaac and Kira? Cora? Danny? Come on, Jeff, if we’re going to war we want all the little soldiers back!

New Things

So, we have a wolf person thing that is in a flaming hallway, a mega ton of dead supernatural extras, another mega ton of hunters, and then there is this dude:

Ryan Reynolds did it MUCH better

Which you know, Deadpool showing up in Teen Wolf wouldn’t be the weirdest thing ever.  I mean, there is a hallway full of spider webs so he’s obviously just stalking Spider-Man in a game of Hide & Seek.

The Plot… there is one, right?

Teen Wolf Season 6A was written to show how important it is to remember the past and the people in your life.  When it ended, Stiles was pretty much given a riding off into the sunset moment with Scott and ushering in a sense that the pack was going to move on, head to colege, have lives and maybe escape Beacon Hills alive.

Yeah, like that was going to happen.

The trailer doesn’t give us much in the way of specific plot points between the flashes of all the new and returning people.  But there are three things we can tell:

  1. There has not been a lot of time since 6A ended when 6B starts – this looks to be taking place right before everyone leaves for college (minus Stiles who already left and which makes me wonder how Stiles is already in an FBI vest in this short amount of time…)
  2. The big supernatural bad is tied to the pack having opened a door to another world – assuming that’s the Ghost Rider world…
  3. The pack is returning to a point where they are being hunted by humans – this time not named Argent (we believe) – and this time it’s war.


And a Whole Lot of NOPE!

In an effort to not revisit my multiple Kira rants from last season – the end of season 5 had pretty much made it that Scott and Kira are still in love.  Did Kira swear Scott to monogamy while she was off walking in the desert? Probably not.

That said – we went through seasons of Teen Wolf watching Scott and seeing how he processes relationships and love.  He holds onto these people, and it took him awhile to be able to move past Allison and it was with a mutual agreement as they find new people to share their hearts with.  Then she died and to this day Scott still loves her and would do nothing to disrespect her.

Then we get an eyefull of this:

and this is the PG-13 gif I could find online…

Sooo, beyond the fact that the next scene should be Peter Hale once again trying to kill Scott, but this time for sleeping with his daugher… what the hell is happening in Teen Wolf?  Because not only are we going against Scott’s character of respect for Kira who he is technically still maybe dating since we have no closure on that – THIS IS STILES’ EX-GIRLFRIEND!  The bro code alone means you don’t go there, Scott.

Notice that I’m not upset at Malia for this.  This is actually on par for her character – she is an instinctual character and they are the two strongest creatures in the pack. Her wanting to bang the alpha in pack structure is actually very understanding.  That said, if Scott is still with Kira and Malia goes after Scott knowing that – that’s also a crappy thing to do to her packmate, but it’s still not completely out of her character as we’ve seen it shown.

But, if this is a result of Stiles and her never getting closure for why they broke up and now that he’s with Lydia, and she’s going after Scott in revenge towards Stiles… well that’s just crappy all around.  But also not unexpected because that is something that happens in real life when couples break up in bad ways.

I just don’t want this to be lazy writing where we have no actual build-up or explination for how they are dealing with their respective previous relationships.  It took Scott an entire SEASON to kiss Kira after starting to crush on her, and that was after another SEASON of learning to let Allison go.

Repeat after me: As pretty as he is – Scott McCall does NOT need to be in a relationship for Teen Wolf to be interesting.


We’ve got three weeks of the Teen Wolf social media machine feeding us hints like the starving fans we can be, and loving them for the torture that they have artfully constructed to put us through.  However, there is one piece of ammunition that I have to get some answers – SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!  Teen Wolf will be making one last SDCC appearance, and while I personally won’t be there, my lovely boss here at ThreeIfBySpace will be, and he is going to take my list of questions!  And being the amazing person that I am, I’m going to field questions from you, dear readers, to add to the question list. 

Maybe we can get some clarity to all of that stuff in the trailer, because I’m on my 10th rewatch and I’m still trying to make sense of what is going on here…

Have a question you want asked to the stars of Teen Wolf?  Hit me up on Twitter at @aliskyrichards or @threeifbyspace with your questions, and I will choose the best three to add to my interview question list.  Then, make sure you subscribe to our site to be notified when the interview articles from SDCC start going up so you can see if your question was asked!

And of course, I’ll be seeing all of you on July 30th when the final season of Teen Wolf airs, and I will be live tweeting the episodes.  Join me yelling at my tv for all the east coast showings.

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