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Teen Wolf Cast Says Goodbye @ SDCC One Last Time

By: Alison Sky Richards
MTV San Diego Comic Con 2017 teen wolf

The cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf sat before a packed Hall H of over six thousand, die-hard fans at San Diego Comic-Con for the eighth and final time. An MTV first in Hall H, the cast took the room by surprise with Dylan O’Brien and Charlie Carver joining Tyler Posey, Shelley Hennig, Dylan Sprayberry, Cody Christian, Khylin Rambo, alongside co-moderators Linden Ashby, and Melissa Ponzio, and executive producer Jeff Davis.  Recorded messages from Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, and Colton Haynes were also played for the fans.

Fans were given a preview of a brand-new final season trailer and sneak peeks at the returns of Haynes’ character “Jackson Whittemore” and Hoechlin’s “Derek Hale.” As a final send off, Hall H got exclusive looks at the cast’s original auditions for the series that propelled them to stardom.  Sadly, the only thing that my co-writers who are out in San Diego sent me was the trailer, so I don’t have any of the audition videos to share with you, but I’ll keep an eye on Twitter and will retweet as I find them.  I’m just hoping that they will also be extras on the 6B DVD release. Psst – Season 6A was released on Tuesday if you didn’t know – get it today!

There will be SPOILERS in this article after the trailer space.  Consider yourself warned.

Okay, so this trailer man – first off it proves that someone really should have killed off Gerard a LONG time ago because NONE OF THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING NOW.  Also wow too many new faces to count and I’m still in a “what just happened here” feeling that I had with the first trailer.  But yes, it looks like Gerard is going back to revise his season 2 plot of “kill everything not human” but without the side of “make me their ruler and cure my cancer”.  Someone needs to Gibbs-slap Argent for giving that flower cure to his father.

There are a few things I’m picking up though, and the biggest is that somehow the fact that Beacon Hills has nonhumans in it is becoming public knowledge.  You see the opening with the student attacking Corey, the looks Liam gets in the hallways, something on the lacrosse field…

Wait, isn’t this supposed to take place before Scott, Malia, and Lydia leave for college?  Does this season derail their college plans, or is the entirety of Beacon Hills High School going to summer school?

Sorry, ok back on track… it reminds me of that scene at the end of 3B where Danny revealed that he knew Ethan was a werewolf all along.  We never learned HOW Danny knew beyond the fact that “it’s Beacon Hills”.  Will this season show the truth to that line from long ago?  Maybe with Charlie Carver back this season, Ethan can explain what Danny meant (or you know, just bring Keahu back to do it himself)?

Beyond that, it comes down to the typical storylines of the bad guy(s) in town trying to stir stuff up, a new romance or two, and leading up to the final showdown on who is going to walk away from Beacon HIlls, and who is going to end up dead.  Just another typical day in Beacon Hills. And why do the locals not realize that if it wasn’t for Scott and his pack, they would all have been dead seasons ago (or on a ghost rider train to nowheresville)?

What is the biggest thing that I am taking away from the Teen Wolf trailer?  I’m taking away that THIS IS NOT OK AND DO NOT WANT!

I swear if they kill Mama McCall…

So what are you taking away from this trailer?  Hit me up on Twitter at @aliskyrichards or @threeifbyspace and let us speculate what pain Teen Wolf is planning on inflicting us with starting July 30th at 8pm EST.  I’ll be manning the Three If By Space twitter account to live-tweet during the show for the last ten episodes.

And for those of you at SDCC, make sure you hit up these events on Friday:



Teen Wolf Cast Signing

10:00 – 10:45 AM: Signing including Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, Shelley Hennig, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo, Charlie Carver, Colton Haynes and Jeff Davis

Location: FOX booth #4229

“MTV Fandom Fest”

7:00 PM – 11:00 PM: For the fourth year, the “MTV Fandom Fest” will celebrate the fans who have descended upon San Diego Comic-Con to raise their beloved television shows, movies, comic books, animation and more to global phenomenon. Will include performances and appearances by Teen Wolf cast.

Location: Petco Park

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