the flash season 4 trailer

The Flash: Season 4 Trailer at SDCC

The Flash Season 4 Trailer

The world needs The Flash. Season 4 premieres October 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

It’s here, Flash fans! The Season 4 trailer dropped at San Diego Comic Con and there’s plenty to get excited about! Barry is gone and the team is trying to move forward, especially Iris. She seems somewhat cold in her determined attitude to do as Barry asked: to be strong and to keep running.

But now a new villain has shown up in Central City. He resembles a samurai and at first seems like an idle threat–until his sword proves to pack more of a punch than anyone expected. He gives Team Flash an ultimatum: “Bring me the Flash or else your city falls.”

The world needs Barry now. But his team will have to go to greta lengths to bring him back. As fans, we know that Barry will eventually be back. The show doesn’t continue with its titular character. But it won’t be easy to get him back. The team will have to break out all their best moves and tech to give Barry the chance to come back. But will he come back right? Will it be past Barry, future Barry, or maybe some version of Barry that the team doesn’t know or understand at all.

Excited for the new season? Worried that it’ll all fall apart? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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