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Season 8 of “The Walking Dead” Returns on Sunday, October 22 With Its 100th Episode! What’s in store?

 NEW YORK, NY July 26, 2017 – AMC today announced that the trailer it premiered timed to Comic-Con International in San Diego, previewing the upcoming eighth season of “The Walking Dead,” has been viewed online more than 31 million times within four days, breaking its own record as well as surpassing other major trailers that also debuted at Comic-Con.

The world-wide reveal of the five-minute trailer for “The Walking Dead,” which gives fans a first look at the upcoming action-packed season, has thus far garnered more than 31 million views across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and, alone. In the days leading up to Comic-Con, AMC released key art for the season along with the October 22nd season 8 premiere date, which coincides with the series’ 100th episode.

“Thank you to the fans for, once again, filling Hall H at Comic-Con, our lucky seventh year in a row sharing this hallowed, fan-first experience. And, since Friday’s ‘The Walking Dead’ panel ended, thanks to fans all over the world for watching our season eight trailer more than 31 million times, and counting,” said Charlie Collier, president of AMC, SundanceTV and AMC Studios. “To receive this type of record-breaking response heading into the series’ 100th episode is beyond gratifying. We look forward to sharing so much more with you as we count down to an unforgettable season.”

Now that #SDCC is over and The Walking Dead, season 8 trailer is out, what do you think we have in store? I think season 8 will far surpass last season in the ratings?. Why? I think that season 7 was all about the build up and introduction, to the ‘All Out War’ that is expected. But the drawn out and often boring parts of the last season, got on some viewers nerves. They picked it apart. They didn’t like the opening episode because of the ‘over the top’ bashing of heads, although, it was clearly written that way for Glenn in the comic. But I guess, seeing it onscreen was another story. They picked apart the silly episode with Rick and Michonne and the “terrible CGI deer. They got bored of the ‘character building’, that went on in some episodes, although, I myself, thought they were needed. I enjoyed it, but then again, I am a steadfast fan and obsessed with the show.

With the release of the trailer, there are many over the top, zany ideas about what will happen this season. The craziest theory that has been popping up is that Rick is waking from a coma , and this has all been a dream! This has been a favorite fan theory for years, but it’s not true in the least. The fact the the end of the trailer shows a cane, and Rick as a little older, in bed waking up, is not the end of the world. You should have realized by now, that Kirkman and Gimple, LOVE to yank our chains. Truth be told, that little bit of the trailer, is all anyone has been talking about since last Friday! That’s what they want, and they got it!

The season will bring in the ‘all out war’ as promised, and it looks as though it will be delivered! With the advent of the coming war, we have seen the communities come together with a common goal. We will lose people. I am certain that there will be at least 2 favorite character deaths in season 8. I can’t tell you who, but keep watch. We may also lose Sheva. If the trailer holds any evidence, we see that she gets surrounded by walkers. Fans of the comic will know this is how she dies.

There is said to be a major time jump in the season. Will it be as extreme as in the comic? This I can’t say ,but to further the story along, it will be needed. I am anxious to see if this will include the birth of Maggie and Glenn’s baby boy. I am also hoping on the take over of Hilltop by Maggie. I think we all want Gregory to get his justified death. Fans are also hoping for the continuing storyline of Eugene. Will he really stick with the Negan? I think not. I am hoping he has a plan.

The Walking Dead has had a hard time lately, with the deaths of 2 of their family. The death of voice actor, Randy Schell, the man behind promos for AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead,” was killed in a skydiving accident in Houston, in early July. The death of stuntman John Bernecker, who died after suffering an accident on the show’s set in Georgia, also happened in July. A freak accident, that happened to leave the show’s filming cancelled for a week, while under investigation. Prayer’s are still going out to their families.

A few photos have been released for the coming season. Daryl and Carol are seen, as well as Rick and Maggie. Thanks EW!


If you haven’t already watched the trailer, here it is!

So, what are your thoughts about this upcoming season? Do you think that the ‘all out war’, will be over at the end of season 8? Who do you think we will lose in the war? Let me know your thoughts or theories and watch the 100th episode with us on October , at 8 pm central!

The Walking Dead Returns on October 22nd on AMC

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