12 Monkeys at SDCC 2017: Aaron Stanford Interview

12 Monkeys at SDCC 2017: Aaron Stanford Interview

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By: Tom Gardiner August 2, 2017
(Header Photo by: Matt Winkelmeyer/SYFY)

12 Monkeys’ Aaron Stanford (James Cole) talks about his experiences on the time travel show. Thankfully, they were good experiences, and it sort of shows when you see the cast together. These people get along and actually enjoy each other’s company.

Stanford says he was surprised that he was cast as James Cole because he didn’t feel he was right for the part. We fans are very happy he was wrong! Although he does admit both he and his alter-ego are “foodies” – fried chicken being on top of the favorites list.

He goes on to talk about how Cole was a character who didn’t really have a life. That lack of family and friends is what made him so willing to go back in time to basically erase his existence; he had nothing to live for. But over the course of his adventures in time, he became part of an extended family which changed him for the better.

He teases a teensy bit about season 4, but only enough to get us salivating. So grab a napkin or drool cup and watch on!

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