12 Monkeys at SDCC 2017: Alisen Down Interview

12 Monkeys at SDCC 2017: Alisen Down Interview

(Header Photo by: Matt Winkelmeyer/SYFY)

Alisen Down, who plays Olivia, aka “The Witness”, joined us at San Diego Comic Con 2017 to discuss 12 Monkeys. With such a big reveal at the end of season three, we’re certain she’ll have a large part to play in season four. And we cannot wait!

Down expressed her gratitude for having the opportunity to play the role of Olivia. The character has gone through some major changes over the first three seasons, with more likely to come. And Down herself has learned things from playing such a complex character.

The actor states she didn’t know much about the character going in to the first season. She went on to say that Terry Matalas was very communicative with everyone about their characters as the show progressed. So, as the show evolved, their knowledge of their characters did, too. It was a process similar to the discovery we viewers go through as we watch, only they get the info a little sooner. And that’s how it should be.

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