12 Monkeys at SDCC 2017: Terry Matalas Interview

12 Monkeys at SDCC 2017: Terry Matalas Interview

We caught up with Terry Matalas, Co-Developer, Executive Producer, and showrunner for 12 Monkeys at San Diego Comic Con. He took some time to answer press questions about the show’s past and its future. 12 Monkeys will be airing its fourth and final season some time next year so this was one of our last chances to speak with him about the show.

Matalas talks about the planning of seasons three and four as a large arc and how they had to tie everything together. He’s confident they’ve created a thoroughly satisfying conclusion to what has been an incredible series. He said when it’s all over, if you go back and watch seasons three and four at once you’ll see lots of connections you may have missed. But he stressed they took into account everything that’s happened on the show. That’s a herculean feat considering the intricate, dense story 12 Monkeys has crafted.

He went on to say we’ll learn a lot more about Olivia in season four. He said Alisen Down is going to amaze us all with her performance in the final season. I’d say she, and all the other cast, have already done that several times over, but bring it on!

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