BTS Pictures of the Dark Matter Season 3 Finale

BTS Pictures of the Dark Matter Season 3 Finale

By: Tom Gardiner
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We Dark Matter fans are up against a double-edged sword here. On one side, we’re lucky to have a seriously jaw-dropping season finale to look forward to. That’s good. (Actually, it’s great. I’ve seen it and my jaw still hurts.) On the other side, we’ve only got one more episode before the end of what has undoubtedly been the show’s best season. And while it cuts both ways, life would be boring without a little danger and worry to make the good times seem that much sweeter. Plus, if that’s the worst thing you have to worry about you’re living a very good life.

Now, who wants to see some candid pictures … of the Dark Matter set? Good, because I’ve got a half-dozen right here hot and fresh for ya!

BTS Pictures of the Dark Matter Season 3 FinaleYou see that man smiling in the picture above? That’s Director Ron Murphy and he knows what’s in store for you in the finale. That’s why he’s smiling. We viewers, on the other hand, will be dragged through a minefield of emotions. Don’t worry, it’s a soft, fuzzy minefield of exploding experiences that’ll bring us together (and drive us to drink).

BTS Pictures of the Dark Matter Season 3 FinaleMelissa O’Neil and Alex Mallari, Jr. lurking in the dark corridors of the Raza, no doubt waiting for a fight of some kind. I mean, I can’t see these two sitting down for tea and watching The Great British Bake-Off. At least not until they get a few kicks in first.

BTS Pictures of the Dark Matter Season 3 FinaleLook at Anthony Lemke and Joe Mallozzi just being all kinds of happy. Joe’s probably happy because he’s just finished his best season of Dark Matter yet. Anthony’s probably happy because Joe hasn’t fired him for sneaking food out in his socks. And who the heck smuggles food in their socks anyway? Ew!

BTS Pictures of the Dark Matter Season 3 FinaleAdulting is serious business. Adulting on the bridge of a starship is even more serious. This may be the most serious-looking expression I’ve ever seen on Jodelle Ferland’s face. It’s good to know somebody takes this stuff seriously or pandemonium would most certainly ensue.

Waitaminute … this is Dark Matter – we WANT pandemonium to ensue! (Don’t worry, it will.)

BTS Pictures of the Dark Matter Season 3 FinaleOh man, this guy and his smiling face again. What could keep a guy like Anthony Lemke so happy all the time? Why, a belly full of snacks and a freshly-loaded gun, that’s what. The only thing that could make this moment better is if he had someone something to shoot.

BTS Pictures of the Dark Matter Season 3 FinaleOoh, guys! It’s Melissa and Alex in the dark corridor again! I don’t know about you, but this looks like some kind of, um, shall we say, “tense encounter”? Let the Throwdown Showdown begin!

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