Dark Matter 313 “Nowhere To Go” Photo Gallery


Holy cow, we’ve come to the end of Dark Matter‘s finest season as quickly as if we’d used a Blink Drive. Or maybe Transfer Transit. Or using Transfer Transit while traveling via Blink Drive. Whatever. The end came pretty damned fast. This season was far from a flash, though. More questions were answered than we could’ve dreamed of which made season three immensely satisfying. Not content to keep us content, however, Dark Matter raised tons of questions as well. And I’m sure this season finale episode will do a lot of both, likely leaving us with low-hanging jaws and a puddle of drool in our laps. If we’re lucky.

Before you progress, remember that this gallery, like any other episodic gallery, will have spoilers. Sure, they’re mild spoilers at best, hardly enough to blow your mind, but your sensitivity will vary. So before proceeding, please consider and act accordingly.

In this pile of pix, there are both surprising situations and surprise faces. I’m not going to tell you which faces or describe the situations. You’re free to discover them in the images below, untainted by any description save for a promise you’ll like what you see. Please, one last time this season: Enjoy!

Episode Synopses (1 from press release, 1 from Syfy.com):

The crew of the Raza unite Ferrous Corps’ enemies in an effort to end the corporate war.

Alliances shift, secrets are revealed and the past becomes the present in the quest to prevent intergalactic war.

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Dark Matter’s season 3 finale airs Friday, August 25 at 9/8c on Syfy & Space

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