Dark Matter: After Dark 310 With 311 Sneak Peek!

Dark Matter: After Dark 310 With 311 Sneak Peek!

There are a lot of good things I can say about Dark Matter, but one of the best new things has to be the After Dark segments. If you’re not aware, these are short (approximately 10 minutes) after-show bits hosted by Zoie Palmer, aka Android, aka Suki. They’re a lot of fun and always offer plenty of interesting behind-the-scenes information. Sadly, this great little after-show seems to be woefully under-advertised so I’m hoping this helps fans find it.

This week’s installment is all-android and features Natalie Brown (Sarah) and Brendan Murray (Victor) talking about their roles. Victor plays an android who’s posing as a human while Sarah is a human who gets an android body.  Both actors tell us what they think their characters’ motivations are, but I’m not too sure about Victor. Zoie Palmer tells the story of how Android finally got a proper name, which involved a lot of back-and-forth messaging. And then they played the Android Edition of a game Zoie called “Never Have I Ever”, which had all three actors telling truths about certain situations. Trust me, it needs to be watched instead of explained.

Another of my favorite things about Dark Matter is we get to learn about the folks who are normally not in the spotlight. Joe regularly showcases the people behind the scenes on his blog and it’s good to see After Dark doing the same. Key Hairstylist Renee Chan told us about how she comes up with the hairstyles of the characters. It’s something we as viewers rarely think about, but it’s an important character trait that defines each person on the screen. Also featured was Key Make Up Artist Lynda McCormack who has a well thought out plan for each character’s look. She even talked a bit about how they aged Jodelle Ferland for her stint as FutureFive.

Finally, the show ends with a sneak peek of next Friday’s episode. Carrying the title “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”, episode 311 promises to be even more jaw-dropping than episode 310. Give After Dark a look and make sure to watch to the very end so you don’t miss the tantalizing sneak peek!

Catch every episode of After Dark right here: After Dark Full Playlist

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