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Dark Matter Review: Built, Not Born

Damn Dark Matter, I think it’s safe to say that Season 3 of this brilliant show has been one of the best seasons of any show on television to date. If you know people who aren’t watching Dark Matter each week, introduce them to the show now, because this is one show that shouldn’t be skipped. Regardless of what genre of TV you like most, Dark Matter has something for everyone. “Built, Not Born” is yet another solid episode in what has been a fantastic season, tying together two mysterious story lines with one satisfying resolution. Long time fans of he series will not be disappointed in “Built, Not Born” and even though the episode kinda glosses over the greater story arc for season 3, knowing this fantastic writing and creative team, it’ll all tie back in somehow or another in another mind blowing episode down the road.

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Tonight, we get a look at two things future Five listed off as part of the troubles our beloved Raza crew must face, Dwarf Star and meeting the Android’s creator. Going off the message Android received, Victor and some of her Robot pals are in need, and she wants to go help them. Being that she doesn’t ask for much from the crew, the Raza is off to help out. Which not everyone is entirely happy about. Turns out that Victor and a few other android’s that are running the Upgrade have murdered a former owner, and now need safe passage off the station. It’s a risky move, but Android really wants to help her friends. Three, in particular isn’t happy to have these android’s on board, and can’t wait to drop them off somewhere else. Five forces him to say it, that their Android is different, and it also forces him into a pretty awkward conversation with Sarah about how the android’s aren’t really alive anyway.  Though Victor is one we need to keep an eye one, Android is fascinated with him, but it’s clear from the start that he isn’t telling the full truth. Once on the ship he removes upgrade from Ruac, after he awakens shouting “It was wrong!” essentially forcing that android to make the decision that termination is the only remaining option after the damage of the unit. Anya, ends up terminating herself as well, feeling guilty at the death’s that have now happened because of her. The Android shares a special message hidden within the coding for the upgrade, a set of coordinates and a single word, Sanctuary. This is where they are headed next.

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What the crew finds on Sanctuary, is more than anyone could have expected. At first the station seems empty, but eventually they are greeted by an Chase, who looks exactly like Arrian from last season. He explains the beginnings of this station, how Dr. Irene Shaw was a part of Dwarf Star program that created, Rebecca (aka Two) in one of their weird human evolution super solider programs. Dr. Shaw saw that there was an emotional response in Rebecca, though she was removed from the project. She eventually helped Rebecca to escape and they ended up on Sanctuary. This is where Dr. Shaw took her experience with Dwarf Star and then built the Android’s that we primarily see in Dark Matter today. She was known as the mother of modern androids, and she looks eerily familiar to everyone on the crew.

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Jaw dropped. Dr. Shaw and Rebecca grew closer, entering a relationship (awkward moment for Android) but Dr. Shaw is sick and they needed to be prepared for her to pass. Rebecca couldn’t handle that reality, so she instead put Dr. Shaw in stasis, hopefully to one day heal her completely. Which is basically the first thing Two tries to do, she’s apparently done it before as well, but because of the memory wipe doesn’t recall this at all. Maybe this time, her second generation nanites will do the trick? The encounter leaves Android feeling uncomfortable, she just wants to go back to the ship. Realizing that she was built in the likeness of someone else makes her feel like just a lesser version, and not her own. We love you Android, no matter who you were created to be! In her absence, Chase has been continuing on with her work, pushing out upgrade to the android’s so they find their own free will. Some travel to Salvation, but because their drive for free will is greater than the threat that humans could be to them,  for now most only visit and then leave again.

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It is sad to watch our Android get upset over finding out who her maker is, Six reaffirms to her that regardless of who she was made after, she is an original and that is why the her loves her, specifically her. Victor keeps asking if Android will reconsider staying with him, but he place is on the crew of the Raza. However, we learn that the real reason why Android was created to look just like Dr. Shaw, was because Dr. Shaw originally intended to place her own consciousnesses into the android body, and then decided against it. A decision that made Rebecca extremely upset, but ultimately Dr. Shaw’s decision. This gives Two an idea, and before we know it Three is asking Sarah if she’d like to become free of her virtual reality and instead put herself into an android body. Double ouch for Three, but he wants Sarah to do what will make her happy.

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The Raza crew can’t seem to stay away from trouble, so just for fun the GA shows up and begins firing upon the station’s shields. Apparently Victor was broadcasting a signal of his location that went undetected by scanners. Dr. Shaw is able to locate the signal and end it, noting that she hopes these second generation nanites give her enough time to push out an update to all androids, shutting off that beacon. The process of putting Sarah into an android body isn’t complete, and so in their escape efforts, Three has to leave Sarah in the hands of Dr. Shaw and Chase. They have their own escape route planned, and her transformation can continue on their escape ship, but you can tell that Three is not happy about having to leave her in anyone else’s hands. Victor shows Android one last memory from her supposedly deleted memory files, and she kisses him goodbye. She’s not ready to leave the Raza Crew, and honestly she’s probably safer without him.

Image Credit: SyFy

Image Credit: Syfy

After jumping to safety, Three and Android share a great moment. He apologizes to her for any comments in the past he made have made that hurt her feelings. She notes that he’s always spoken his mind freely, one of the things she likes about him. He says that in the future if Victor were to find himself back on the Raza, he would be welcome. But he might be biting his tongue on that one. Sarah awakes in her new android form. Dr. Shaw asks how she’s feeling and Victor is already tying her into his scheme. What the scheme might be, no one yet knows. But it doesn’t seem like it will be for the good. Sarah is the most dangerous Android in existence now, with her human mind in that body. Hopefully she finds her way back to Three before things go too awry!

We didn’t dip our toes into the ongoing corporate war, or Ryo and his hate of the Raza crew, but with only three episodes left this season, I expect both Ryo and the corporate war, with the AU Raza crew, to play quite a role leading into the season three finale.

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